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5 Outdoor Applications for Specialty Graphics in Education

Outdoor graphics can easily be what sets a building apart from all others around it. They can add color, communicate messages, and transform a space. 

This is especially true for educational buildings. Think about an elementary school playground. The first thing most people will imagine is a sea of concrete, which isn't very inspiring or fun. Alternately, think of a college campus. Winding pathways, patches of greenery, and so much space it’s hard for freshmen to figure out how to get around. Signs or banners are a great way guide them from place to place using school colors.

Specialty outdoor graphics can make a huge difference for any educational facility. We’ve listed some of our favorite outdoor applications for our wide variety of customizable printed graphics below.


Window graphics are one of our most popular offerings - and for good reason. They can be used for a wide variety of educational buildings, including but not limited to cafeterias, athletic facilities, libraries, labs, halls, and more.

  • Showcase your school colors by using color blocked window decals made from durable, UV cured inks that increase their longevity. When you work with the right company, you can tap into their design experts to color match logos, mascots, etc. to create school spirit while staying on-brand.
  • Use imagery that promotes healthy habits in the K-12 space. Windows seen from the playground can show images of water drinking, sharing, and other imagery that’s both colorful and informative.
  • For higher education, window decals are perfect to support your school team and inspire school spirit.



You can utilize directional and artistic messaging with durable floor graphics to create a space that’s more welcoming and easier to navigate for students and faculty alike.

  • Social distancing graphics are especially important right now. Many places have them inside, but keeping kids safe outdoors and at recess is just as important. Vomela offers graphics that can be placed on cement, blacktop, brick walls, cinder block walls, and more. This makes teaching students about proper social distancing more effective because they can be reminded everywhere on campus, not just in classrooms.
  • You can add fun to outdoor playtime in the K-12 space by using custom graphics to display games and activities outside. These graphics are more versatile and less permanent than paint when used to display hopscotch, four square, and more.
  • Directional arrows can be used to make educational campuses easier to navigate. Guiding students to key places on campus like the cafeteria, library, or labs can be made more accessible by graphics that show them the way.



Door graphics work for all levels of education, from preschool to higher education. Door graphics greet students while entering buildings or classrooms and, because of that, present an opportunity to convey a lot of important information.

Examples include:
  • Graphics that allow children to interact with them while also providing valuable information like wayfinding, hand washing, and other helpful reminders.
  • You can use custom graphics to mark certain doors with Do Not Enter or Exit Only signs that still match the aesthetic and style of your facility.
  • Celebrate certain school events with front door graphics. If prom is coming up, you can have custom designed and printed graphics on the front entrance doors that echo the celebration’s theme!


Murals are a big part of all educational establishments. They’re incredibly versatile, after all. Not only can a mural inspire students and convey interesting information, they can also be used as a meeting place or directional marker within a school.

Examples include:
  • What better way to call attention to week- or month-long events? A mural depicting powerful women from history during the week in March where International Women’s Day is celebrated can be reused throughout the years when the timing is appropriate. You can even use murals in combination with floor graphics outside to create interactive learning displays that share information while making it fun.
  • In the K-12 space, there are few things more effective when communicating to young students than color. Outdoor murals filled with shapes and color can add joy to any school ground.



Banners are a classic staple of specialty graphics and printing. They have a wide variety of applications for use in the education industry.

Examples include:
  • What’s a college campus without banners that tell you exactly where you are? You can add school spirit and color to the pathways around campus with hanging banners that include your logo, name, or similar statements.
  • Large, wide banners can easily be hung above outdoor entrances to announce events that are coming up, like Spirit Week or a healthy eating

There’s an art to specialty graphics in education. For K-12, it’s about being fun and engaging while also being informational. More attention is paid to bright colors, interesting graphics, and durability for kids who like to touch and feel. For secondary education, it’s more about brand identity and school spirit. 

Whatever the level of education, Vomela has services and offerings to help your school stand out among the crowds. Get in touch today to see how our customizable solutions can work for your facility.

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Aug 11, 2020 |

Topics: outdoor advertising, education

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