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First Impressions in Banking & Finance

In business and in everyday life, first impressions are everything. Today's consumers expect the very best in security and reliability no matter the industry. When it comes to their finances, the stakes are even higher. Financial institutions must leverage every opportunity to improve customer experience while maintaining trust and peace of mind for their customers every step of the way. Here's how we're helping banks make the most of their commitment to security.

Sugarland All Three ITM

Be Informative

Most customers will assume their bank is doing everything possible to keep their money secure, but it doesn't hurt to show how you're doing it. Finances can be a complicated and overwhelming subject. Concise, visually appealing aids are the perfect way to explain the options customers have for spending, saving, and investing their money. Brochures and pamphlets are perfect for sending resources home with curious clients, while standalone signage is a great option for advertising new or seasonal promotions. 

Be Helpful

Nothing says "we care about your future" like personalized tips and reminders based on each customer's financial situation. As a SOC 2 certified printer, we're able to offer automated direct mail opportunities with the peace of mind needed for a financial institution. These personalized mail pieces can automatically remind customers about things like account balances, investment opportunities, new products, and so much more.

Stay On-Brand

For many customers, choosing a bank is a life-long decision. They turn to their bank for advice, security, and peace-of-mind. For new customers and returning customers, the brand experience is something that they'll tune into no matter where they are. It could be an ATM, a direct mail piece, or the lobby of a new branch. Keeping your brand consistent across these spaces is essential.

Color matching is a common but often unappreciated art when it comes to printed graphics. Even to the casual observer, subtle differences in color can detract from the authority of the institution. In addition to our stellar team of designers, we also have an entire pre-press department dedicated to making sure the colors you see on your screen come off the printer correctly every time.

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Jul 28, 2020 |

Topics: banking and finance

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