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Restaurants: Prioritizing Safety While Promoting Your Brand

The long-awaited reopening of restaurants has begun across the country. While we look forward to enjoying our favorite dine-in venues, keeping customers and employees safe remains a top priority. As we have navigated this crisis so far, a variety of safety measures have gained popularity, and one of the most effective to-date has been the face shield.  


Face shields offer a number of benefits other forms of PPE do not. Though disposable, they're easily sanitized and safe to reuse. For customers, especially the deaf or hard of hearing, the clear plastic allows for better communication, allowing for the smiles we all want to share with each other. Best of all, they help prevent people from touching their face and can be customized in fun ways to fit any brand.

When the pandemic entered our communities,The Vomela Companies dedicated a portion of our manufacturing capabilities to face shield production, producing over a hundred thousand per day. As restrictions continue to lift in industries like food service, we're continuing production to keep our employees, customers, and all of their families as safe as possible while helping businesses promote their brand.

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May 20, 2020 |

Topics: quick service restaurant, fast casual

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