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Reopening Stadiums with Safety Top-of-Mind

As sporting events, concerts, trade shows, and other forms of entertainment prepare for stadium-sized events, we can anticipate that things will look quite  different than we're used to. Safety precautions will be top of mind as we enjoy the events we all know and love, and the organizers of these events are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of attendees for seasons to come. 

The innovation of event coordinators and their print graphics partners has created some interesting new branding opportunities that will enhance attendee engagement while prioritizing the safety of everyone involved. Read on to learn about what new experiences fans can expect from the parking lot to their seats.

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Exterior Graphics

mockup_gate entrance

The experience of a large event begins well before the front stadium gate. Parking lots, skyways, and light poles are all great opportunities to welcome attendees back to their favorite events while providing important safety information, helpful wayfinding, and exciting brand experiences. Fans will be excited to return to their favorite venues, and attention-getting exterior graphics are the perfect way to welcome them back.

Interior Graphics

Common areas are going to look a bit different in stadiums. Social distancing graphics on floors and walls have become the norm. Informational signage like banners and standees will provide important guidance on how to navigate and behave in a normally crowded environment. New protocols like temperature screening and non-traditional wayfinding will require attendees to stay informed.

Safety Precautions

There are a number of effective precautions that can be taken against diseases of every kind, and stadium-goers will appreciate convenient access to safety measures. Hand sanitizer stations can be branded to the team or event taking place. Social distancing graphics are great brand opportunities as well. There are even solutions for stadium seating and restrooms that encourage social distancing and effective hygiene from everyone who attends.

Face Shields

Of all the personal protection equipment we've seen, face shields have been among the most effective solutions for safe, effective, and easy-to-wear  protection. These full-length transparent shields can be worn with glasses, masks, and goggles, and they're easily branded to any color or logo. They're easy to clean and comfortable to wear, providing a great extra layer of defense.


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