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Retail Graphics: Back to School Planning

Retail projects involve careful timing and meticulous planning to ensure your signage is printed, shipped, and installed on schedule. So, while everyone else is gearing up for summer vacation, our attention is focused on fall events—Labor Day, Halloween, and Back to School Season!

Four Tips for Success and Savings when Planning Your Back to School Program

1. Be Prepared

As painful as it may be to think about back to school before it's even done, it pays to think ahead. Get the art designed and approved early on so it's ready to go when the time comes to send it to print. Place your Back to School graphics package order well in advance to save yourself the stress and unforeseen costs of last-minute shipping charges. Read more about Expectations and Timeline for a retail graphics project.


2. Stay Flexible

Flexibility regarding sizes and materials can be a source of savings. Back to School materials will only be displayed for a short time, so a higher-priced print substrate may not be your best choice. Non-standard sizes or materials can also significantly alter the cost of printing and shipping. Not sure where to start? Consult your print expert for ideas on the best materials and specifications for your particular project. We live and breathe print, and we're always happy to help.

3. Multi-purpose Signs

Consider requesting double-sided signs, or utilize more permanent hardware that allows signs to be swapped out on a regular basis. It’s a great way to refresh your seasonal campaigns without starting from scratch every few weeks. Flipping or swapping out signage is easier and less expensive than ordering a completely new signage packages, and it often allows regular employees to make décor changes, rather than bringing in a professional installation team for every little job.


4. Request a Kit

Consider requesting materials from two upcoming campaigns in the same shipment. This will put you ahead of the game and save shipping costs. Just make sure your signage will be easy to find and undamaged when in storage.

From concept to installation, a print project for a critical retail event like Back to School Season demands planning, creative solutions, and collaboration. Whatever your printing needs, from marketing collateral to store décor, contact The Vomela Companies network of specialists to bring your vision to life.

Apr 24, 2018 |

Topics: display, graphics, Retail, seasonal

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