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Show-Stopping Graphics for Your Next Big Event

It’s a great feeling, the thrill of planning something new. Whether it’s a first annual event you hope to continue or a redesign project for last year's less-than-trendy graphics, Arts & Entertainment events require careful planning, design, and installation. From start to finish, here’s what you’ll need to get the job done for your next large event with new print graphics.

Pre-Event Preparation

Choosing the Right Materials for the Job

It’s a unique balance you have to meet when choosing materials for large events, especially depending on if it's a one-time or annual occasion. Your best bet is to choose high-quality materials if it is an annual event and a design that will stand the test of time. However, if a specialty graphic only needs to survive a one-time event, investigate your options in lower-cost materials (vinyl, corrugated plastic, etc.) with minimal effect on appearance. Regardless, it is critical that you set clear expectations for the appearance, durability, and timeline of the project with your printing partner.

Choose Your A-Team

Expert printing partners can be an integral element of success even for the most experienced events teams. Experience counts because there’s really no “how-to” guide when it comes to special events graphics. Your best team will use its institutional knowledge throughout the event. 

This knowledge includes:

  • Project management processes for surprise situations
  • A comprehensive creative team specializing in print design
  • Printing and installation considerations for large formats
  • Weather-specific planning
  • A true network of experts who understand everything about event planning from print substrates to venue rental paperwork.

Assess Production Capabilities

Large printing companies can face capacity issues if they’re especially popular or focus heavily on their retainer work. At The Vomela Companies, we distribute our work across a large network of print locations with each specializing in different print graphics areas. For large events, we typically send the job to our Fusion Imaging location, which focuses primarily on large-format event work.

During the Event

Event planning is often a whirlwind of tasks, deadlines, and just hoping the event itself goes as smoothly as possible. When it comes to print graphics, you have plenty of opportunities to create truly memorable experiences. The best way to impress is to partner with print graphics experts who have plenty of tricks and tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of every corner of your Arts & Entertainment space. Here are a few things to consider to make your print graphics shine during the event:

Wayfinding – Your attendees will need to know where key areas of the event are taking place within the space, but in-your-face wayfinding signage typically creates more distraction than direction. The best wayfinding is the type you hardly notice, and trust us when we say attendees will only notice if it’s inadequate.

Standees – Break the mold and break away from the walls; standalone graphics can be placed anywhere with minimal installation to promote events and provide valuable information outside of standard maps or menus.

Nontraditional Surfaces – Who says your print graphics are restricted to traditional substrates? Explore other options for your special event; floors, tables, elevator doors, you name it. A quality print partner will be able to identify branding opportunities that go far beyond traditional signage.

Post-Event Tasks

When the event wraps up and the guests leave, there’s still plenty of work to be done. To help make post-event tasks go quickly and get everyone home at a reasonable hour, your print provider can help you create a plan for dealing with the print graphics post-event:

Tear-Down – Just as the pre-event prep work and showcasing the graphics during the event, tear-down is a task in and of itself. To help it go smoothly, it’ll benefit you to work with a competent team that knows how to work swiftly and competently without damaging the facility.

Warehousing – Is your one-time event looking like it will turn into an annual occurrence? Make sure your print graphics and other items are packed up and stored properly so they are ready to go for the next event. If you partner with the right printing company, some might even have warehouse or storage space for you to use.

Disposal/Recycling –  At the end of the day, it’s inevitable that you will have at least some material to dispose of. By working with your print graphics provider to make sure you’re doing so responsibly, you’ll have lots of happy team members, and maybe even something to post on social media for your event attendees. In addition to environmental considerations, you can also sell certain types of used material to recycling operations.

Planning Your Next Event with an Expert Print Partner

Special events are once-in-a-lifetime, and if you’re lucky they can turn into annual events. Ensuring your event’s print graphics are memorable, high-quality, and stand the test of time is much easier when partnering with a printing company that has plenty of special event experience. From start to finish, The Vomela Companies knows what it takes to make an event really spectacular. Learn more about partnering with The Vomela Companies for your next special event by getting in touch with us using the button below!

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Jul 16, 2019 |

Topics: Events & Exhibits, arts & entertainment

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