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Easy-to-Order Print Graphics for Schools & Universities

In any level of academia, print graphics are a great way to drive school spirit. Whether it’s fun cafeteria murals or simple wayfinding signage, quality graphics are an important aspect of creating and maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Schools tend to be extreme environments for any surface. They’re high-touch and high-energy places, and that can take a toll on even the most durable print graphic. So what happens when the time comes to replace old or damaged prints?

Online Ordering Systems

Web-based reordering platforms are a great way to save time and eliminate unnecessary expense and waste in the process. In an increasingly digital world, consumers expect simplicity and convenience in purchasing decisions, and these platforms put ordering in the hands of the buyer. Benefits of online ordering systems include:

Inventory Management

Before the advent of digital printing and web-based technology solutions, it made sense for schools to order graphics in bulk to cut costs. The challenge with bulk ordering is managing the large inventory; school systems would either have to store graphics on-site or pay a warehousing fee for unused prints.

With an online ordering platform, schools and printers can share access to what is essentially a “digital warehouse” of all their graphics. Both parties have on-demand access to inventories, prices, and more. This allows both parties to store smaller quantities and get digital designs to print even more quickly than before.

floor graphics


Things don’t always go to plan in an academic environment, and signs can get dirty, damaged, or removed. In the past, replacing signage was a multi-step process. Today, it’s as easy as the click of a button, and it can be done by anyone with access to the system. The streamlined process enables printers to quickly and efficiently produce smaller “on demand” orders without the need for setup fees and design work, which passes savings along to the client.


By shifting the focus away from inventory management and ordering processes, print providers can enable school systems to display a much larger variety of print graphics to invigorate their brand. Online ordering minimizes the reliance on bulk ordering and warehousing, meaning schools can replace and re-brand more often than ever.


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Apr 02, 2019 |

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