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5 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Seasonal Education Graphics

Everybody loves the holiday season, but there’s nothing quite like sharing holiday spirit with children.

This is especially true in educational spaces. Kids are more likely to succeed when they’re in a learning environment that engages them emotionally and visually - and that means giving them chances to celebrate. Seasonal education graphics are an easy and engaging way to help faculty get kids in the spirit. Here are five of our favorite ways to help kids get into the holiday mindset with seasonal education graphics.

Send a holiday letter.

Not all schools are in-person right now due to the many health and safety restrictions at play, making it more difficult to encourage holiday spirit. That’s where direct mail comes in. Choose a print partner that can design and produce seasonal direct mailers that reach out to your students at home and connect them with your school’s holiday celebrations.

Play games with interactive floor graphics.

Spice up hallways and playgrounds with fun and engaging floor graphics that encourage kids to have fun on their way to and from classes. Holiday themed prints are a great way to get kids in the spirit of the season, but they can also serve a dual purpose. Colorful floor graphics can also be used to help kids navigate school, learn important information, or maintain order between classes. The durable materials are easily cleanable and slip-resistant, encouraging safety at every turn. Nobody said social distancing had to be boring!

Easily change from season to season using reusable signage.

Magna-Mount is an incredibly versatile graphics system. It starts with a series of injection-molded frames that contain magnetic strips. This is the base for any custom graphic panels you then choose to display. What's ideal about this option is that it allows you to a) switch out graphics between seasons without being overwhelmed by installation work and b) re-use your high quality graphics year over year. Potential options for use are endless and extend beyond specific holidays. 



Find inspiration from retail displays.

Retailers rely heavily on holidays, and they've been innovating new ways to celebrate the changing seasons for as long as we've been shopping. Take inspiration from solutions like reusable signage systems, standees, and window graphics to transform ordinary spaces in to holiday wonderlands. Work with a print provider that serves a range of industries; they'll be able to adapt the latest and greatest retail innovations to schools of any type.

The right graphics in your school or educational facility can bring endless amounts of joy to the children that interact with them. What’s more holiday-friendly than that? If you’re interested in learning more about how custom graphics can help your school step into the holiday spirit, get in touch today.

Oct 06, 2020 |

Topics: holiday, education

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