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Embrace the Holiday Spirit in Education Spaces

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for many, but that rarely seems to be the case for kids. With an extended break from school, presents to daydream about, and possibly even some snow to roll around in, the holidays are a cause for celebration at any grade level.

So how can you make the most of this pre-holiday excitement in an educational setting? Here are some great ways to transform a school from the same old scene to a wonderland of cheer.

Floor Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics are a unique way to engage with students in a fun and festive way. Whether it’s holiday-themed games, or simply a set of footprints leading to the cafeteria, they can fulfill a purpose while they entertain. Floor graphics are made of durable, non-slip substrates to enhance safety while improving the space they fill.

Similar substrates can also be applied to surfaces like tabletops, where they can provided engagement during class time and lunch hour. Antimicrobial finishes and easy-to-clean materials are a great option for these environments.


Sparkling Substrates

Whether it’s a door, window, or wall, every surface is eligible for eye-catching materials that add a shine to the holiday season. Print materials come in a great variety of colors, finishes, and textures that children can see, touch, and even scratch n’ sniff! They’re a perfect way to add holiday cheer in the spirit of your school colors.


Want to switch it up? The easy-to-install Magna-Mount system allows just about anyone to swap out graphics on a seasonal basis. Add a magnetic backing to any theme you desire, and the modular system will make it simple and fun to change it up as often as desired.


Direct Mail

Personalized mail pieces are a great way to send Season’s Greetings while communicating important information to parents and students. Work with a print provider who can provide variable printing services to ensure each mail piece is personal, engaging, and trackable. Don’t forget to spread the cheer to alumni who appreciate personalized updates (and may be feeling extra generous in the holiday season).



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Dec 03, 2019 |

Topics: education

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