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Enhancing Guest Experience Through Halloween Store Displays

While the kids are getting out of school and planning pool parties, retail print buyers are planning a different kind of party—Halloween display season!

Retailers are getting more creative each year with unique Halloween displays. In-store displays can do more than promote a product or encourage customers to buy. When done well, a display enhances the shopping experience, reinforces brand loyalty and encourages social sharing. We've got creative solutions to help you execute some frighteningly fun Halloween store décor.

1. inflatables, anyone?

Grab guests' attention and create a memorable experience at the same time. Large displays and inflatables are a great way to help customers find their way to your seasonal area.

Lowes-Huntersville Commack-1067.jpg

2 . Continue Theme in the Details

This Sleepy Hollow / creepy woods theme carried through in the 3-D category signage. Your Halloween graphics and décor don't have to be complex and fussy to be effective. Look at these graphics we did for a major retailer:

Benefits of flat printed graphics and signage — simpler shipping, light weight, easy to store.



Layered graphics create a 3-D masterpiece:



3. Interactive displays encourage social sharing

Incorporate displays that draw the customer in with interactive, social sharing opportunities. Like this creepy portrait display that one of our clients used in an online contest. Guests are encouraged to snap a selfie next to the creepy portrait and post on the business's Facebook page for a chance to win $500. Notice how they have a digital device next to the Halloween display so customers can view photos that other customers have posted!


4. Don't forget the floor!

These vinyl floor graphics are a great way to create a thrilling shopping experience! In this case, these ground breaking graphics were used at a trade show or event, but imagine using these graphic illusions with a spooky Halloween theme near the entrance of your store.


Jun 20, 2017 |

Topics: Retail, tips

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