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Easy Upgrades for Fast Casual Design and QSR Decor

Changing the décor in a fast casual or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) establishment can be intimidating, but rather than a massive overhaul to every wall, window, and branded menu, it’s much easier – and often more effective – to make small upgrades over time. The small details can make all the difference, so learn some of our tips and tricks to upgrade your establishment without breaking your budget or brand guidelines.

Temporary Design Elements with Long-Term Benefits

Sure, it might be easy to say today that this design will be the future of your establishment’s decor, but more than likely you will need to make adjustments as time passes. Whether that’s better merchandising for branded gear like hats and t-shirts or even replacing event posters after the party has passed, ensuring your space has interchangeable elements will benefit you in the long run. Some of our favorites include:

  • Signage swapping: The perks of having adjustable signage are endless in QSR and fast casual dining decor. Permanent fixtures are great, but they benefit your business even more if the permanent fixtures have the flexibility to replace what’s displayed within.
  • Temporary decals: These are easy to replace and adjust for various offers your establishment is running throughout the year. They also add a little something extra to permanent fixtures that might not stand the test of time alone.
  • Festive features: Patio season, spring specials, winter events – events and seasonal advertising for promotions are just a part of life in fast casual and QSR spaces, so ensuring your decor and signage have hardware that allows seasonal specials to come and go is critical for great design.

Quality, Not Quantity

Your fast casual or QSR establishment can have all the bells and whistles that attract new customers, but if these elements look cheap, customers will notice. Vomela is always critical of the small details, working to ensure everything is high quality from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between.

The best design is that which focuses on the little things, so even a semi-adhesive temporary graphic must be high enough quality and installed well enough that it doesn’t peel, fade, or fall off. Customers notice these small lapses in quality, and it reflects poorly on the restaurant.

Think Ahead With QSR and Fast Casual Decor

While it would be great to just implement a single design and be done, only accounting for switching out seasonal specials, the restaurant industry changes annually, so ensuring decor flexibility is absolutely crucial for your establishment’s continued success.

That said, for large chains that require a huge commitment when redesigning, there are opportunities for long-term solutions that keep things fresh. Menus can be created as a “permanent” graphic with temporary elements that allow them to be customized. You can also implement décor elements like printed tile if your printing partner uses doming technology. Not only will this look professional, but it can also be a huge money saver for priceless recreations.

Overall, when tackling any QSR or fast casual decor design project, thinking ahead will make all the difference, and having a plan in place when working with your printing partner can streamline the process to ensure you get the design you want in less time and spending less budget. Be sure to address the following with your printing partner from the start of your project:

  • Expectations – How long should the graphics and decor designs last?
  • Budget – Know your budget and communicate this to your printing partner.
  • Time constraints – When can installation occur? What is your deadline?
  • Reordering opportunities – How will you reorder damaged graphics or graphics for new locations?
  • Design elements – Is the design coming from in-house or will you need help from your graphics partner to determine the best design?

Create Quality QSR and Fast Casual Decor with an Expert Printing Partner

The QSR and fast casual industry is saturated with competition, so it can seem intimidating when it comes to creating a design that makes your brand stand out among the rest. In reality,  these small, detailed upgrades and temporary design elements are a great way for brands to differentiate themselves. Depending on your business, you can create graphics that truly speak to your brand, product, and atmosphere. High-quality print graphics are a direct representation of the quality of your QSR establishment and the resources you're willing to put into creating the best space for your customers. Hungry for more QSR and Fast Casual design? Check out our portfolio.


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May 01, 2019 |

Topics: quick service restaurant

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