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Finding a Balance in Retail Print Graphics

In the retail industry and beyond, companies often put a premium on print graphics that stand out from the crowd (for good reason). However, customer engagement isn’t always about the biggest and boldest elements; it’s about how all the elements work together to create an immersive retail experience.

In fact, sometimes the best print graphics are the ones that never stand out at all. When important retail experiences like brand building and wayfinding feel natural to the consumer, they’ll feel comfortable spending more time in-store. The idea is to give them an enjoyable shopping experience without getting in the way. Here are a few ways to keep the operation running smoothly with print graphics:

Maintain Brand Standards

There are a ton of factors at play with any brand; the logo, colors, message, and so on. It’s vital that customers receive a powerful but consistent representation of your brand. For print, this means using quality materials and processes to make sure the colors and display systems are always on point.

Show Them the Way

The best wayfinding goes virtually unnoticed. If a customer gets lost in your store, they’re quick to notice the lack of appropriate directional signage. But if your wayfinding and information signage is up to par, they’ll move right along to the cash register with a smile.

Keep it Classy

Design and marketing trends can change at a dizzying rate in the world of retail. Save the bold and trendy prints for seasonal promotions and special events. By choosing tasteful but conservative print elements for the more permanent aspects of your store, you can get more bang for your buck while keeping with the times.

Avoid Information Overload

There’s a fine line between informing customers and overwhelming them. In general, people don’t want to be barraged with loud signage everywhere they turn. However, if you can create tasteful print graphics that provide gentle reminders for seasonal sales or other promotions, customers won’t mind the help.

Prioritize Employee Safety

Back rooms and warehouses can be complicated operations, and safety precautions are a must. Reduce risk and improve safety by keeping employees informed with print graphics. Beyond just the bare minimum required by OSHA, consider putting up some tips and tricks that apply to different employee-only areas.

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Mar 06, 2018 |

Topics: Retail

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