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How to Create In-Person Sales with Social Media

Don’t discount the impact of social media when it comes to boosting in-person sales for brick-and-mortar retailers. Why is it important? Because these platforms are this generation's word-of-mouth marketing avenues. More than 70% of shoppers say they trust reviews and testimonials from actual customers over a brand's official information. People put a high value on the word of others (also known as "social proof").

Not only that, but 66% of people have made a purchase from a previously unknown brand after seeing it on another shopper's social media. Retailers can't pass up this opportunity to capitalize on their most avid fans' experiences and turn them into evangelists for their brand.

Harnessing the power of social media for your retail store involves a two-prong strategy. First, you have to give shoppers and fans something to share on social media. Second, you have to tell them to share it—and reward them when they do.

Create a Display That Begs to Be Shared

Unfortunately, you can't put up a big sign that says, "take pictures here" and call it a day. If only it was that simple!

Your marketing or design team must create a truly impressive display that is a featured element in your store. This should be an area that evokes emotion in shoppers who encounter it. Whether you choose to be humorous, shocking, luxurious, or something else, your display and the emotions it stokes should be carefully designed to represent your brand.Think beyond the flat planes of your store (walls, floors, windows, etc.) and dream up an experience. Drive a car into your showroom with a custom branded wrap. Make a temporary pop-up installation, digital photo booth, or interactive game. Build a mural wall or backdrop with eye-catching textures or patterns, perfect for a selfie op. Or set up an entire selfie station with 3D hashtags, props, decorations, and branded signage made just for social media.

Whatever you do, make sure it entices people to take pictures and film videos of the display and/or themselves within the display. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Make it interactive with props or a social media contest or challenge
  • Plan sharable moments for customers
  • Collaborate with artists or designers to make it seasonal or inspiring
  • Use visual merchandizing to make customers want to share what’s in-store
  • Include instructional information on the display to make it easy for customers to share their experience.

Generously Reward Sharing

Now that you've hooked them in, encourage shoppers to share those pictures and videos on social media. The easiest way to encourage sharing? Make it financially worth their while! Reward social media shares with discounts, exclusive offers, or giveaways. (Measure this by providing a specific hashtag for customers to use in exchange for the discount.)

Another way to encourage sharing is by interacting with your customers on your social channels. Spotlight photos from your customers and make them feel seen and heard when they post their positive experiences with your brand. Engaging with customers even when they aren’t at your store keeps your brand top of mind and reminds them of their experience.

Need help brainstorming and building your in-store displays? Vomela has endless ways to create a fully customized experience for your shoppers. Contact us to get started!

Jun 14, 2023 |

Topics: display, store decor, Retail, social media

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