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magna mount auto

Reusable Signage & Easy Installation

Store signage changes frequently, and often needs to be installed by professionals. This means downtime and outsourced labor, which may create disruption during the busy retail season. Looking for a better solution? By combining reusable signage systems and high quality print media, you can make installations and re-installations a breeze. This solution gives your brand a dynamic in-store experience, which can be changed effortlessly, all while saving your business money in installation fees.


Magnetic signage systems are just one of the ways to keep your retail graphics fresh and customizable. 

A major benefit of these magnetic signs is the ability to customize your in-store marketing. Signage can be layered, and we also offer dry-erase and chalkboard films. The layering option also makes this product ideal for sale and promotional signs that need to be changed often.

So how does it work? 

Photo-quality graphics are printed on a micro-iron film that sticks to the wall or display. This product is very lightweight, lays flat, is rollable, easy to ship and is eco-friendly. The medium is made from post-consumer material and retired graphics are converted into reusable metal and electricity.

Take a look at how easy it is to install magnetic wall graphics.



We also use a system called Magna-Mount. The basic system requires a relatively simple installation with standard wall anchors. Initially created for an automotive company, its adaptable nature makes it a great option for any graphic that are updated regularly. In addition to wall mounted systems, Magna-Mount also offers configurations like column wraps, standalone systems, and hanging units.

magna mount auto

To create customized panels, The Vomela Companies start with a piece of traditional card stock. The desired image is printed on the front side of the stock, and a coat of magnetic-receptive ferrous ink is flood coated onto the back via a screen printing process. We then cut the magnetic graphic into 18x18 or 24x24 inch squares, depending on the system. This marriage of Magna-Mount technology with Vomela's in-house print capabilities makes it an ideal graphics solution.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Flexibility: Ability to change out graphics seasonally
  • Ease of Use: Graphics can be swapped out by employees of any skill level
  • Eco Friendliness: Can be reused and efficiently stored
  • Impact: Unique look creates quality engagement
Custom Fabricated Hardware

Another example of a reusable signage solution is this graphics system that we designed for a health foods store based in the Chicago area. They wanted to make sure all signage could be easily updated by any employee, allowing them to change up their store layout based on customer behaviors and rotating stock. These custom-fabricated systems allow them to swap signs out at will with minimal hassle and downtime.


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Nov 27, 2018 |

Topics: Retail

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