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Permanent Graphics That Create An Experience

Temporary graphics are a great way to make the most of the holidays or add flare to an event or special at your place of business. However, permanent graphics can take things to a whole new level in ways you might not even realize. 

Permanent graphics are defined as graphics that can last a maximum of seven years. These types of graphics involve different processes and materials than temporary campaigns, and they can have a very different effect on the viewer and customer. Today, we’ll discuss how permanent graphics create experiences for customers and how that can benefit your organization or business.

Types of Permanent Graphics

Before diving in, if you’re considering a permanent graphics installation, it’s good to know what the most popular types are. Like we said, temporary graphics are helpful, but permanent ones can really add a lot to your business.

We recommend looking into vinyl wall murals, which can turn a regular old wall into an interactive brand experience with logos, colors, and other brand information. You can also utilize floor graphics, which allow you to add fun or informative in places where phone-users are already looking - the floor. You can also consider custom window graphics, which can serve to capture attention in new and experiential ways.

When you begin thinking about graphics for your business, it’s easy to get caught up thinking about the temporary ones (which are a great idea). However, permanent graphics are incredibly versatile, and can alter the entire look of your store or office. 

Experiential Graphics 

It doesn’t matter what your business is, customers react to the experience of entering your storefront or office space. Specifically, if you’re in the retail space, your business is all about the experience. What does it feel like for a customer when they enter your store? Does it seem like you simply occupy the space, or does it showcase who you are and what your business represents? 

These and other questions are what customers react to, knowingly or not, when entering a new retail space for the first time. Customers are smart, better than they’ve ever been at seeing and recognizing authenticity in the businesses they choose to frequent. Using graphics is a way to communicate to your customers, even subconsciously, that your business is professional and adept at meeting their needs. 

For example, Vomela worked with a retailer last holiday season that appeals to young girls. Using a unique wallpaper substrate, we created glittery, 3D graphics. This illustrated to customers that they were in a space of fun and excitement; exactly what they want to communicate to their market. It also captured the attention of their target audience. Your storefront and business showcases who you are to your potential customers. Permanent graphics can help you do so more effectively. 

Big Budget Experience

For anyone with a large budget looking to truly immerse their space in graphics that connect with their audience, we strongly recommend utilizing fabric. Fabric graphics are the highest of quality and easy to install and remove. They also create an experience like no other, like the Super Bowl, where Vomela used fabric graphics to fill the space with color and texture. 

Fabric reacts differently to light than a vinyl surface, which makes it look beautiful in photographs and televised events. Learn more about fabric graphics here.

Our Favorite Examples

We’ve already mentioned a few, but we’ve got tons of favorites when it comes to permanent graphics that create experiences for customers. Another great example is the 3M building, which we wrapped with a large vinyl graphic. This huge graphic faded through a spectrum of colors, requiring two different vinyl films. Not only did this look great, but it also allowed us to collaborate with long-time partner 3M, creating a graphic that showcased both companies.

For a more specific retail experience, we’ve been working with Lowe’s stores across the country, updating their decor and transforming their wayfinding. Eventually, this will make the entire experience at Lowe’s stores more smooth and simple for every customer.

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Dec 20, 2019 |

Topics: Commercial Print, Retail, general printing

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