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Retail Graphics for Pop-Up Stores

Retail experts say that today's shoppers value a unique experience more than their predecessors. Limited-time-only pop-up retail shops have moved beyond a trend to a proven retail strategy

Temporary retail establishments, otherwise known as pop-up stores, have been around in one form or another since the 1990s, but are now more popular than ever. Many retailers find the flexibility and nimbleness of a pop-up store to be more in line with the manner in which buyers prefer to shop, and it's not just the indie spots who are taking advantage of them. The subscription industry is embracing the power of pop-up economy to test products on customers. For example, Blue Apron opened its first-ever pop-up experience in 2018, showcasing new products and curated culinary programming for New Yorkers.

Signage is Key to Pop-Up Retail Strategy

What do you need to start a pop-up store? Well, in addition to a solid product and a great location, signage is key. Colorful, eye-catching signs are a great way to lure customers into your establishment, and printed signs are a quick and easy way to generate attention— not to mention inexpensive and reusable. When you move on to your next location, you can take the signs with you.

No matter how unique your product or eye-catching your signage is, a pop-up won't be a success unless you have the right promotional strategy. Consider how you will get the word out about your store and how best to generate excitement and energy around the event, through a 360-degree print and digital media approach.

Example: Pop-up Shop Experience

We provided creative print and graphics solutions for a unique pop-up shop in Harlem for the release of Airforce One VLONE shoes for Nike. Services provided include black vinyl, cut vinyl, murals, wheatpasting, stencils out of vinyl for painting, barricade work and tinted windows.

This example includes all of the ingredients of a great retail experience; limited time only, a special event for a local audience, and interactive elements like a mini basketball court. 



Are you ready to bring more visual appeal to your pop-up retail experience ? Contact us— we can be your trusted printing partner, helping you create everything from signage to marketing materials, ensuring that you're creating a truly unique and appealing experience for your shoppers.


Jan 22, 2019 |

Topics: Retail, tips

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