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QSR BLog - Replacing Expensive Decor with Print Graphics v1

Replacing Expensive Decor with Print Graphics

In the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Fast Casual industries, decor is a balance between timeliness and quality. Rolling out seasonal or time-sensitive promotions is an absolute necessity, but so is staying cost-effective without compromising design quality.

Fortunately, modern print technology allows you to recreate expensive decor without breaking the bank, which is fantastic for QSR marketing teams. It offers the flexibility to differentiate yourself in an industry that doesn’t lack for competition, giving you the chance to roll out designs that connect with your audience based on seasonal changes and design trends.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect when working with a quality print partner in the QSR world:

Ensure the Job Will Be Done Well

When working on a tight deadline, or even just renovating in general, adding something like genuine Italian tile to the walls isn’t often the most pragmatic or budget-friendly option. However, it doesn't mean you can't achieve the same effect. We've gotten a lot of ambitious requests, and recreating Italian tile is among them. And believe it or not – and we’ve done it! We used doming technology to achieve a three-dimensional effect while our rock star design team created an entire wall of unique tile from scratch.

That project was the perfect compromise between a customer who knew what they wanted and a printer who guaranteed quality. While three-dimensional doming technology is not nearly as expensive as the authentic Italian tile in this example, the client still expected – and paid for – high-quality materials to ensure the job was done right. Always keep ROI front-and-center in your mind when you invest in new print graphics.

Work With a Partner That Offers More Than Printing

A quality printing partner does a lot more than just print. You can also expect them to be experts in interior design, installation, materials, and value engineering. They will know the QSR landscape, what the best in the industry has to offer, and how you can create something that will stand up to the competition while staying true to your unique brand and customer base.

From counter cards and menu boards to installation service and expertise, you should expect much more out of a quality printing partner than the bare minimum.

Don't Feel Like You’re Compromising on a Tight Turnaround

Seasonal promotions happen quickly, and they have to be changed out equally as quickly. You should never have to worry about presenting high-quality print designs, and the decisions you make in collaboration with your partner can help make the promotion rollout a smooth one.

Before you start your promotion, you should already have an idea of your expectations, budget, time constraints, and design elements. Once this is ready to go, you can work with your printing partner to set up what you need in the moment, be it signage swapping, temporary decals, or festive features for the holidays or patio weather.

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Ready to roll out some print designs in your own locations? Selecting the right partner can be the trickiest aspect of setting yourself up for success.

If you’re actively looking for a solution now, reach out to us today and we’ll connect with you!

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May 29, 2019 |

Topics: quick service restaurant, fast casual

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