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3 Ideas for Tabletop Graphics in QSR/Fast Casual Restaurants

Tabletop graphics can take many forms—from a simple logo wrapped on your table to a long-term promotional campaign message.

Restaurants have been using table space to advertise to their customers for years. Paper placemats, coasters, table talkers and menus are prime spots for upselling to your customers or reinforcing your brand.

A trend we've seen in the print industry now is tablewraps or tabletop graphics.

It makes sense to use this empty space for marketing and branding purposes. Restaurants reclaim the unused space to highlight their personal brand, longer term promotions, engage on social media or connect with a location through geographic imagery or historic photos. 

Here are a few ways you can use tabletop graphics in your QSR/Fast Casual restaurant.

Highlight Your Personal Brand

Table graphics are a prime spot to add branding elements that really personalize your restaurant and reinforce your brand. These table graphics for Wing Stop bring together the logo and brand photographs for their national chain of restaurants.


Flying Dog chose round pub tables with a strong tabletop design that includes their logo and tagline. 


Social Engagement

Entice your customers to engage with you on social media. Include your Twitter handle or hashtag, or encourage patrons to download your app. 

If your business has a mobile app, this is a great opportunity to push it. Customers sitting and waiting are almost certainly on their phones and more willing to download an app at that moment.

Marketing Campaign

We can make table graphics for long-term marketing campaigns or promotions. 


Tabletop graphics and wraps aren't just for sit-down restaurants or diners. They're popping up everywhere—cocktail tables at pubs, university dining halls and commons areas, as well as office spaces with public waiting areas.

Want to learn more about creating tabletop graphics for your restaurant décor? Contact us to start a conversation.

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Jan 25, 2017 |

Topics: quick service restaurant, tips, fast casual

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