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Science Says: Print Marketing is Better


In 2014, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience published a fascinating study. The researchers analyzed human memory regarding 3D objects versus 2D objects. They concluded that when people can hold, touch, and interact with something, it's more easily remembered than if they just see a picture of it.

As print connoisseurs, this is encouraging news! (Admittedly, we are biased... but the science backs us up.) It means that the tangible products we print for our customers nationwide are more memorable than digital ads.

Better Recall of and Trust in Print Marketing

This is actually a valid interpretation of the 2014 study. Research has confirmed that information presented on paper is recalled more easily than any other media. This is due to the stimulation of the different senses: sight, touch, and even smell. Just the act of touching the paper while reading an advertisement triggers your brain to process the information differently.

For these reasons, print ads are often viewed for longer than a digital ad. Print connects on a more personal level, and is therefore a great medium to put your emotional appeals to work. In fact, 56% of customers find print marketing the most trustworthy form of marketing. In a world full of easily manipulated digital content, people believe what they see in more traditional formats.

It's also easier to cut through the digital clutter if you deliver your message in print. Human brains are overwhelmed by the constant demand for attention and start to block out the messages being delivered. In print, you have the customer's full attention in addition to the deeper connection. Nearly 80% of households read or scan direct mail ads, with 44% reporting that they visited a brand's website after.

The ROI Doesn't Lie

We assume that better recall leads to increased brand awareness and, in turn, into leads and customers. But is this correct?

The return on investment of print marketing hasn't faltered in this digital age. Marketers who pair print with digital instead of working against it see the best results—as much as 400% more effective campaigns! With the advent of QR codes and other technology, you can capture your audience via print and send them directly online. Because QR codes, landing pages, and the like are measurable, marketers can track their audience from mailbox to shopping cart. Then the return on investment tells the story of a successful campaign.

Even if a potential customer doesn't follow through, you can build a list of leads who have visited your website via the trackable links. Over time, you'll be able to segment your leads and use personalized marketing to further engage and encourage them.

A Final Note

Some people may have the misconception that print is "old school" marketing. In fact, an impressive 92% of 18-23 year olds say print is easier to read than digital content! So be sure to include print as part of your marketing strategy, no matter what generation or audience type you're trying to reach.

If you are looking to add print to your current digital campaigns or try a new print campaign, contact us today.  

Sep 06, 2023 |

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