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Safety First as Schools Reopen

As students of all ages enjoy the summer months, it's important that we enter the next school year as prepared as possible to prioritize safety while providing students with an interesting new learning environment. There's no doubt that education will look a little different next school year, but there's no reason safety precautions can't be fun for the students who experience them.

From the school bus to the classroom, schools are finding creative ways to keeps kids and teachers safe. Read on to learn about some of the fun new safety measures we've developed for educational institutions. You can also download the full illustrated guide here:Download the Back to School Graphics Guide


Many students begin their days on crowded buses. Durable sidewalk graphics can encourage social distancing while withstanding the wear and tear of harsh weather and excited feet. Seat blockers on the bus serve as a helpful reminder to keep a healthy distance while also presenting a branding opportunity. Even the buses themselves can be wrapped with fun graphics to encourage school spirit.

Parking Lot

Banners and mounted signage  are a great way to welcome students back from a long time away. Fabric materials can withstand the elements and create a feeling of quality and security heading back to school. Chain link fences and light poles are perfect opportunities for signage that can turn a parking lot into a welcoming party.


Continue the "Welcome Back" theme in building entries. Windows, walls, and entryway arches are all good options for hosting vibrant graphics that send welcoming messages while reminding students to stay safe. Standalone frames can be moved around the campus throughout the day. The same graphics can also be applied to reception and office areas, reminding students and parents to follow proper precautions when checking in and out.


Common Areas

Whether it's the main hallway or a teacher's lounge, everyone will benefit from periodic reminders to keep their distance and wash their hands. Bathrooms are a target area for these messages, especially for younger children. Floor, mirror, and wall graphics are all opportunities for safety messaging. Urinal covers encourage social distancing as well. Floor graphics can serve as helpful and fun reminders to maintain distance at vending machines, in hallways, and everywhere in between.


Desk and Table Partitions

To make the most of existing space while reducing risk, tabletop partitions allow places like classrooms and cafeterias to keep their capacity while limiting the spread of airborne illness. Partitions can be customized based on the surface, and they can come as transparent windows or branded dividers. These durable precautions are easy to clean and can last a long time.

Welcome Back Kits

These branded kits can welcome staff back to school while providing them with all of the necessary tools and information to start the school year off safely. Branded boxes can contain sanitizer, wipes, masks, important communications, and even antimicrobial desk mats. They're a great way to boost morale and send the message that your school is committed to everyone's safety throughout the year.

Want to Learn More?

Download the Back to School Graphics Guide


Jun 24, 2020 |

Topics: education

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