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Get Customers in the Halloween Spirit with Supernatural Prints

Halloween is an excellent time for companies of every sort to show a little seasonal spirit. Did you know that, on average, just over eight billion dollars is spent on Halloween-related frivolity each year? There are a lot of ways to draw some of that spending your way, but our favorite is through the use of specialty holiday graphics. 

There’s nothing better than truly feeling the chills and thrills that come with Halloween. Not only do seasonal displays and custom graphics help convey those feelings, they’re more likely to keep people coming back. 

We can prove it! Here are some of our favorite spooky installations to inspire and delight:

Why not set up a spooky photo-op? There's nothing scary about a good deal, and this display proves it. A clever corner that ties into both what you're offering and the holiday at hand is a great way to draw Halloween attention to your store. As an added bonus, photos using your backdrop will be shared on social media. Users will be curious and ask about where the photo was taken. This can snowball into even more sales opportunity thanks to social sharing and word-of-mouth.



Save by going simple.

We understand that, while it would be really cool if they could, not every retail store can put up complex 3D holiday displays. Sometimes you have to celebrate while keeping things a little more contained. That's where custom printed banners and signs come in. They can be designed and printed to your liking and, when the season ends, are easy to store until the next year.


Welcome visitors with window displays.

A lot of Halloween displays focus on interior designs and decorations. That said, a seasonal window display can be exactly what brings potential customers into your store. We've found that displays that use bright colors that are reflective of the time of year are a big draw. Orange, for example, is a decidedly eye-catching color. If the window displayed above was on the same block as a bunch of other stores without similarly fun and bright displays, which store do you think you'd most want to visit?

Use 3D displays to turn your end caps and aisles into adventures.

What's spookier than a 3D display with bats, rustling tree branches, or cackling pumpkins? When it comes to custom 3D store displays, the only limitation is your imagination. Material and design experts are an essential part of any print partner worth their salt.

Are you interested in learning more about the custom graphic solutions offered by Vomela? Get in touch with our team today and we'd be happy to brew up the perfect potion to help you harness the magic of Halloween. If not, we hope your spooky season is spectacular and we'll see you in a few months for slightly more snow-filled seasonal displays.

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Oct 27, 2020 |

Topics: Retail, seasonal, holiday

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