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Supporting Local Communities During Times of Change

As a proud St. Paul-based company for more than 70 years, The Vomela Companies are concerned for country and our local Twin Cities community. Our business proudly recognizes and celebrates diversity, and we renew our commitment to be a positive influence in a world united to provide equity and opportunity to all.

The past week will go down in our nation’s history as a call for change and a recognition that violence is not the answer. As protestors demand change through peaceful protests, we are hopeful of a better future. We are also shaken by the senseless destruction of property caused by those focused on damaging society. We know that most of our police officers, fire fighters, care providers, and community members are working tirelessly to create a safe environment for all. We hope that the good being done by so many will overcome the harm being caused by a few.

During these turbulent times, we should reflect on our nation’s long history and necessary changes required to keep our society moving forward. We will continue to seek ways to be part of needed changes, especially as it impacts our youth. We have partnered with numerous organizations, including The Sanneh Foundation, Merrick Community Services, and The Brand Lab, who are building sustained efforts of diversity and inclusion within our youths’ educational experience to drive this change.

We are hopeful that in a united effort, we can listen, learn, and act responsibly and respectfully to all no matter who you are, what you look like, or what you believe in. There are many challenges ahead and we are committed to do our part in the transformation.

Tom Auth, Chairman
Mark Auth, President & CEO
Tim Wieland, EVP

Jun 03, 2020 |

Topics: News

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