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The Importance of Personalization in Your Retail Print Marketing Campaign

Today's consumers are smarter than ever. Because of a lifelong exposure to media of every kind, the average customer understands marketing and advertising in ways consumers of the past never could. As a retailer, that doesn't mean you need to be louder or brighter; you need to advertise smarter and with a purpose.

Technology has created a more intelligent audience base, but it has also led to new ways to reach your customers. Specifically, digital technology has created a level of personalization that can create an entirely new experience. Personalized marketing has been on the rise for quite some time, but it’s challenging to execute. Many of the most popular forms of print marketing – wall and floor graphics, point-of-purchase graphic, etc. – cannot be personalized for the crowds walking in and out of your stores. Still, customers are looking for an experience, and there are many innovative ways to use print marketing for your business.

The New Generation

Many people still think of millennials as the younger generation, in college, still growing up. The truth is that millennials – born between 1981 and 1996 – are adults now. The youngest are already 24, making them a huge part of the market. They’re also the most tuned in to new marketing techniques. 

This technological sensitivity can actually work in your favor. You can use more innovative techniques in your digital and print marketing campaigns to create new experiences while capturing valuable information about your customer. One great example we've worked on was a 3-dimensional cardboard arcade machine that allowed customers to experience augmented reality using an app on their phones. In exchange for information on their location and interests, they were able to enjoy a completely new technology in-store.

Download the Noovie Arcade Case Study

Let Your Customer Come to You

A smarter customer base means one that can be more willing to hand over their personal data because they understand how their data is being used. When audiences had a lesser understanding of how companies used information, they were more hesitant to provide it. 

Now, it’s about creating trust. Your print marketing and promotional campaigns can showcase how you'll use that data. Some companies even offer disclaimers, like “we promise we won’t spam your email,” alleviating fears that signing up will only lead to a clogged inbox. Once that trust is built, customers will be more likely to come to you, freely handing you their information, instead of you having to pry it out of them. 

Personalization vs. Privacy

Once you have a valuable customer's information, what will you do with it? The key is striking a balance. Be respectful while still facilitating the conversation. The amount of information floating around is at times alarming; not only can you get their name, but you can also learn where they live, their habits, their hobbies, and more all by finding out their purchasing habits. 

That means treating this information with the care it deserves. Don’t go crazy, sending them tons of mail, email, and other promotional materials. Use a personalized marketing plan that makes sense for them, showcasing your brand as it relates to their needs as a customer. That way, you’re providing genuine value to their lives. 

Direct Mail

Finally, the true champion of personalized print marketing is direct mail. No matter what your business, if you get a customer’s address, direct mail is a great way to specifically reach out to each individual customer with only the most pertinent information. 

Direct mail doesn’t just mean postcards or letters; it can also be brochures, announcements of new sales or products, or a personalized message to your audience. We’ve always offered solutions for your retail store; now you can take your brand to the next level, outside the storefront. 

Are you ready to talk about how personalized, print marketing campaigns could help your company? Contact us today. Our expert team is excited to meet you.

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Jun 30, 2020 |

Topics: Retail, personalization

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