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The Vomela Companies Earn Sustainable Green Printing Certification

The Vomela Companies, a printing company that designs and produces impactful visual communications, have earned Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) certification based on guidelines published by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. The certification was created specifically for the printing industry and encourages innovation by stakeholders to develop a more sustainable and accountable supply chain.

“SGP certification is the next step in our long-term efforts of building a cleaner future,” The Vomela Companies President & CEO Mark Auth said. “Our focus on ESG, includes ISO certification, alignment with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the recent unveiling of St. Paul’s largest solar array on the roof of our new headquarters.”

SGP certification elevates printers to an elite group of top sustainable printer providers, recognized by both print buyers and the printing industry. SGP is a non-profit organization with the purpose of certifying that a print operation’s sustainability efforts meet and exceed measures mandated for regulatory compliance. To attain certification, printing companies must pass air quality tests and achieve acceptable performance in areas including energy use, health, safety, and other environmental evaluations.

“The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership establishes rigorous standards and demands measurable results from qualifying print facilities," said Jonathan Graham, SGP Executive Committee member. "SGP certification demonstrates a commitment as a sustainable business today and in the future with requirement for an annual continuous improvement project along with recertification every two years.”

To become an SGP certified printer, printers must address:

  • Energy Savings – Reduce energy use, use smart thermostats, and install energy-efficient lighting
  • Waste Reduction – Send less trash to landfills and recycle more paper, plastic, and cardboard
  • Emission Reduction – Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced Resource Consumption – Reduce water usage and recycle solvent

Auth added, “Our sustainability team identified SGP certification as a differentiator while acknowledging the work we’ve achieved toward our sustainability goals. We provide our customers with eco-friendly materials to help them meet their sustainability goals, while serving as an important supply chain partner.”

The Vomela Companies

The Vomela Companies transform ideas into memorable brand experiences by designing and producing impactful visual communications. The company employs 1,200 people in 20 cities across North America.

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the only certification organization promoting sustainability in all printing processes throughout the United States and Canada. SGP promotes a sustainable print supply chain through best practices, innovation, information sharing and validation. The SGP program encompasses the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet, and profit. SGP partners include 3M, FLEXcon, Cooley/Group, Laird Plastics, Piedmont Plastics, Sun Chemical, REI, ANN Inc., BrandKey Graphics, Snowball Print Marketing, InnerWorkings. Major printing organizations, numerous academic institutions and other leading companies. www.sgppartnership.org.


Teri Mascotti
The Vomela Companies



Sep 01, 2020 |

Topics: News, certification, sustainability

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