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The Vomela Companies Purchase State-of-the-Art Printer

In keeping with our mission to be the industry leader providing creative, innovative, and technologically advanced graphic products for our customers, The Vomela Companies announce the implementation of a new Inca Onset X2 printer. The new machine,in our St. Paul, MN production facility, replaces an Inca S40, which is moving to our Vancouver, Canada facility.

The new machine offers an additional set of print heads, bringing the maximum beds per hour up to 128 from the previous 50. In addition to CMYK color, the Onset X2 also offers an orange print head, allowing for more accurate color matching. This combination of increased productivity and enhanced quality made the purchase an easy call for our Minnesota headquarters.

We also opted to implement Inca’s Robot Substrate Handling System, a robotic arm that aids in the removal of finished prints from the bed. This will further streamline our production process, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition in quality and productivity. See the machine in action below.



Jul 03, 2018 |

Topics: News, print

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