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Transform Architectural Surfaces with Innovative Materials

Earlier this month, The Vomela Companies teamed up with 3M to host a Lunch & Learn event highlighting some of new products available in their architectural surfaces line of materials. Architects from around the region travelled to Vomela HQ to learn about the versatility and quality of these 3M products, which are available now for purchase through The Vomela Companies.

These innovative films are high-quality alternatives to traditionally expensive materials like wood, metal, and leather. They’re a popular option for clients who want to transform existing surfaces without changing the structure or layout of their space. From a branding perspective, these surfaces make it easy to refresh an outdated look without the hassle or cost associated with a complete rebuild.


So what is an architectural surface, anyway? You don’t need to be an architect to benefit from these new materials. They’re made of adhesive vinyl, which allows for application to just about any surface you can imagine. Some of the surfaces The Vomela Companies have transformed in the past include:


The Vomela Companies have been a 3M partner for decades, and during that time, the relationship has only grown stronger. We work closely with their materials experts, as well as with 3M-certified installers, to make sure the product looks great with every application.

Look around you. Imagine the possibilities. Could your space benefit from this sort of transformation?

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Oct 29, 2019 |

Topics: Retail, healthcare, arts & entertainment, education

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