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Effective Wayfinding in C-Stores

Whether it's a restroom, food station, or cash register, wayfinding signage helps direct customers to where they need to be in your Convenience Store. Wayfinding signage is essential to c-stores. It helps customers find what they're looking for without getting frustrated or needing to seek out help. Finding the right print professional is crucial for the best customer experience (more on that later). 

Keep It Familiar

For many customers, brand loyalty occurs when they are comfortable and familiar with the store. Keep it easy and straightforward for customers to find what they need. With hundreds of locations across the country, it's important to maintain familiarity with not one but multiple locations. If a store layout change is made, make it easy for customers to identify what they are looking for.

Improving the atmosphere and well-being of the overall store helps both customers' and employees' mood and satisfaction. Keeping wayfinding easy to read and understand is critical. You want to leave a lasting impression on your c-store, and every detail counts. Signage can make the difference between keeping shoppers in the store longer or making shoppers uncomfortable and shortening the experience.

Creating a Brand Identity

How many stores do you want to visit again because they made it easy for you to find what you needed? How many times have you noticed a lack of directional information? Signage creates a store's identity and should exemplify your brand. There are endless ideas for wayfinding! It doesn't matter if it's a wall, window, floor or ceiling, you can mix and match what works best for your store. Keep a consistent design that fits within your brand's image, which won't create confusion. The right print provider can assist in establishing what works best with your space and brand while staying within budget.

Greater Employee Opportunities

Overworking employees and keeping a cluttered store can create problems. Good wayfinding prevents employees from needing to answer small questions like "where is the bathroom?" Adequate wayfinding benefits employees' time and the company's productivity. Bold and effective wayfinding promotes what's essential and can help your business run smoother.

With an average increase in foot traffic throughout c-stores nationwide, we want in-store experience to be at the top of the line. Giving customers the ability to serve themselves benefits everyone involved, and our print experts can help you decide what type of wayfinding signage works best for you. At The Vomela Companies, we have experience with every surface, big or small. 

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By Mollie Ray, Marketing Intern

Jul 10, 2019 |

Topics: graphics and signage, wayfinding, c-store

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