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5 Ways You Can Keep Up Team Morale

Have you noticed low morale among your employees? It can be difficult to keep team members engaged each and every day of the week. You can't expect sunshine and rainbows every minute of the day, but there are plenty of ways to make work worth looking forward to. Here are some simple tips to keep up team morale. 

1. Eliminate Excessive Email

Email might feel like an indispensable tool for business, but it may not be the best way to communicate with retail employees who aren't in front of a computer all day. For retail chains (or even individual stores), a good way to share company news is through newsletters, handouts, or posters.

For big announcements or upcoming events, consider working with your printing partner to create colorful signage to hang in high-traffic areas, such as the break room, the elevator, restrooms, or the conference rooms. Need to ask a quick question about an impending project? Consider using a tool like Slack, which gives you instant messaging capabilities and helps employees avoid the distraction of diving into their email inbox. You get the answer you need and your employee doesn't feel like they're forced to sift through the junk mail that accumulated since they last checked their email. 

2. Company-Wide Contest

One way to improve employee morale is to incorporate some fun into the day-to-day grind. A quick and easy way to do that (without throwing your day off track) is to hold a contest. Make it seasonal, like the best-decorated store or department for Halloween, guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar at Easter, or a midsummer pie contest.

Encourage your team to play together, and reward them when they do. How do you promote the contest to ensure that everyone gets in on the action? Fun, attention-grabbing posters placed strategically throughout the office will get the notice you need. 

3. Let Employees Know That You Care

Your team's morale can be boosted instantly with a simple gesture that shows them that you care about them. Send a personalized greeting card on holidays or birthday, as well as for big life events like marriages or births. That will let your team know that you view them as human beings with lives outside of the office. 

Working with a reputable printing company will help you print and send perzonalized cards in bulk for any occasion. 

4. Show Your Appreciation for a Job Well Done

When an employee goes above and beyond, recognize them! Whether you mention the quality of their work in your weekly staff meeting or you write them a personal note on a card to say that you see their extra effort, letting employees know that you appreciate them will boost their morale. It's easier to work hard when you know that your efforts aren't for nothing!

5. Volunteer Together

Nothing makes you feel better than helping others. When you work as a team to help the less fortunate, it will boost morale as it does good for your community. It can be as simple as organizing a canned food drive, a coat drive in the winter, or setting up a Toys for Tots station during the holidays. 

Work with your print partner to create signs to remind everyone about your team's philanthropic efforts. Put up lots of signage, particularly near the doors so everyone will remember to pick up canned goods or a fun toy when they leave the office. 

Ready to keep up team morale? We can help. Click here to contact us today!  

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Dec 05, 2017 |

Topics: Retail, tips

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