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Why Advertise with Fleet Graphics?

A blank trailer is like an idle truck.

When it comes to outdoor advertising, fleet graphics are in a league of their own. To understand why it’s so important to utilize fleet surfaces for advertising, let’s first take a look at a 3M study which compared fleet impressions to other top media markets.

The study focused on Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Consider an expensive medium like television, which averages around $23.70 CPM. Compared to that, traditional outdoor advertising channels like billboards and street displays are looking pretty attractive at $3.56 CPM.

The cost of fleet graphics? $0.48 CPM. That’s pennies on the dollar for high-quality, high-exposure advertising.


The benefits don’t stop there, either. Other factors to consider include:

Impact — The American Trucking Association found that 98% of consumers feel as though fleet graphics create a positive image for the company they represent. 96% found fleet graphics to be more impactful than other forms of outdoor media.

Visibility — Fleet graphics aren’t just for the road; they keep working 24 hours a day. Parking fleet vehicles in higher visibility areas of your property is a great way to gain exposure around the clock.

Targeting — Most fleet vehicles stay within a certain region of the country. Fleet graphics can be customized to appeal to the most important demographics within that region, and each region design can be different.

Longevity — Advances in material and adhesive technology allow for a lot of flexibility in fleet wraps. Want to change them on a regular basis? Go with a more temporary adhesive that allows for easy removal. Want them to last a while? Go with a durable substrate and a permanent adhesive.

Vomela Transportation

Long story short: If you have blank fleet space, you can’t afford not to advertise on it. If you’re not sure where to start, The Vomela Companies can help.

The Vomela Transportation Group provides turnkey graphic solutions for fleets of any size. From design and engineering to production and installation, our team covers all the bases. Whether it’s a one-off specialty job or a nationwide fleet redesign, we deliver quality every time.

To learn more about our capabilities, and to see some of the work we’ve done, click here or download the fleet brochure:

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