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3 Sustainable Projects to Honor Earth Month

Happy Earth Month! Throughout our history, The Vomela Companies have prioritized the importance of ESG in our operations. We’re reducing our impact on the environment in many ways, including our efforts to reduce our GHG emissions, improve waste management, and provide sustainable materials and ESG guidance to our customers.

Check out a few of our favorite project examples from the Vomela network below.


Project 1: 100% Recyclable tradeshow booth for IdentaBrew®

Our team at C2 Imaging knows how to be innovative when it comes to sustainable materials, and this 10’x10’ booth is no exception. Every year, they create a 100% recyclable display for the Specialty Coffee Expo to promote IdentaBrew®, C2’s line of food and beverage branding and graphics. At the end of the event, they’re able to quickly disassemble and recycle the entire display.

Sustainable brands stackable cubes by Vomela Falcon2022 (1)



Project 2: Sustainable signage for Sustainable Brands

As a sustainability partner, The Vomela Companies have supported the forward-thinking work of Sustainable Brands since 2022. Our continued efforts include providing innovative graphics for their annual summit that are both reusable and fully recyclable, like this 3D logo and these freestanding pop-up boxes.


Sustainable signage by Vomela at Sustainable Brands conference.

3D Sustainable Brands logo - fully recylable



Project 3: Sustainability report highlighting our ESG initiatives 

At Vomela, our works towards being a valued supply chain partner can be seen in our ESG goals. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by continuously making improvements, and this report highlights the progress we’ve made and our priorities. Contact us to request a copy of our Change Report or visit our ESG page for more information.


Vomela CSR Report



Ready to start?

With a library of sustainable materials at our fingertips and a team focused on reducing our impact through our ESG efforts, Vomela can recreate your brand idea into a sustainable one. Contact our ESG experts to get started on your next project!

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