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8 Creative Ways to Visualize Your Brand's Journey

How are you using visual storytelling to share your brand's journey? We have some tips to help you find the right look, both in your corporate space and online.

Your headquarters and office spaces are the perfect place to proudly show off your brand's journey. Stunning brand graphics on the walls, floors, and even elevator doors go far beyond your logo and tagline. Check out some of these gorgeous examples of companies and organizations who take every opportunity throughout their physical locations to share more about their mission, values, and company history.

1. Impact walls give daily inspiration.


2. Wall murals and window graphics highlight your mission & values.

Window graphics and wall murals are must-have items for any attractive store front, restaurant or retail space. But why not bring them inside to share your company culture with clients and employees? 



3. Share your history and major milestones.



4. With graphics like these, words are optional.

October Office Refurbish_Page_02.jpg

5. tell your brand story with stunning simplicity.

Sometimes less is more. You've done the work to develop your brand – let it speak for itself!


6. your brand story continues online

How do you tell the full story of your company? Most visitors to your website want to know what you do and how you can help them achieve their goals. But customers aren't the only visitors to your site; there should also be a place for prospective employees, investors, and partners to learn about your company's journey.

Your History and Culture are important, and they deserve space on your website. Your team, future customers, and top talent are looking for these stories to get insight into your values as a company. Highlight your mission and culture through the use of video, images, and stories about what makes your workplace unique. 


7. let your team do the talking.

Who is the face of your company? Why do people choose to work there? A team perspectives video can personalize your brand in incredibly fun and engaging ways.

8. infographics and images for social media.

Use infographics to visualize data, timelines, and important milestones in your brand's journey.

history infographic_v03c_OL_final.png



Mar 13, 2018 |

Topics: graphics and signage

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