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Building a Brand in a Day for Arts & Entertainment

Big events – and big spaces – call for a big spectacle.  Events of this size rely on eye-catching print graphics to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for attendees and the community as a whole.

The challenge with putting on a large-scale Arts & Entertainment event isn’t just the amount of work; it’s also making sure that everything comes together at the same time. These events are a feat of coordination, hard work, and expertise. Here are some tips for building a memorable brand experience in a small amount of time:


When you set out to find a print provider for your Arts & Entertainment graphics, you’ll find yourself answering a lot of questions. You can move the process along quickly by making some of the bigger decisions ahead of time. Here are considerations to keep in mind:

Durability – How long does the graphic need to last? If it’s a one-off event, you can get away with temporary print substrates, less robust adhesives, and disposable signage. If it’s a recurring event, you may want to invest in more permanent solutions like fabric banners, hardware mounting systems, and reusable signage.

Time Frame – The event schedule will have implications for virtually every step in the print and installation process. Time sensitivity will determine the method of printing, the speed of shipping, the size of the installation team, and so much more. Make sure to have a good grasp of the schedule going into the project.


The Event

It’s easy to get caught up in the “wow” moment of large-format print graphics. But the real magic is in the details. There are all sorts of opportunities to create more memorable experiences using print graphics, and the best way to do that is to ask the people who do it every day. Print experts will have all sorts of tricks and tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of every corner of your Arts & Entertainment space.

Wayfinding – The best wayfinding is the type you hardly notice. Attendees will only notice if it’s inadequate.

Standees – Standalone graphics can be placed anywhere with minimal installation to promote events and provide valuable information.

Nontraditional Surfaces – Floors, tables, elevator doors, you name it. A quality print partner will be able to identify branding opportunities that go far beyond traditional signage.


While the spectacle may come to an end for attendees, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Make sure you’re not caught unprepared by working with your print provider to plan for:

Tear-Down – As important as the installation itself. Work with a competent team that will work quickly without damaging the facility.

Warehousing – Are you holding onto anything for future use? Make sure it’s packed up and stored properly so it’s ready to go for the next event. If necessary, find a print provider who can provide warehousing services.

Disposal/Recycling – If you have material to dispose of, work with your print graphic provider to make sure you’re doing so responsibly. In addition to environment considerations, you can also sell certain types of used material to recycling operations.

Are you ready to build your Arts and Entertainment brand?


Mar 12, 2019 |

Topics: arts & entertainment, branding

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