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Trending in 2024: As Employees Return, Office Spaces are Transforming

It's been said for months—hybrid work is here to stay. The emphasis on bringing employees back to the office, even part time, is leading to rejuvenated office design. But how can you breathe new life into your space and build excitement in people who might not be thrilled to come back?

The Vomela Companies are in a unique position to provide big ideas for office renovations. Our ability to print on nearly anything and create custom solutions for any surface means that we’re able to brand lobbies, breakrooms, production areas, training spaces, and more across the country. Below, we’ve listed the top 5 workplace design trends that we are helping our clients bring to life. 


1. Updating Office Aesthetics

Vomela's capabilities can improve on even the most traditional decorating ideas. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, we can utilize vinyl graphics or wallpaper to add texture and color to a bland space. Our vinyl graphics can be created to fit any size, applied to any surface (think ceilings and floors!), mimic textured wallpaper, and are professionally installed for you!

Beyond flat surfaces, we can design and print column wraps, create wayfinding signage for your office, apply privacy graphics to your glass doors and windows, and so much more. And if you're facing restrictions because of renting your office space, we can build freestanding solutions that accomplish the same effects without any permanent application.

2. Prioritizing Employee Wellness

With nearly 20% of office space in the United States standing empty, companies are looking to transform their workplaces for new uses. With less staff in the office, space can be used for alternative purposes. One trending example is the incorporation of wellness rooms. Companies are more mindful of workers' needs to prioritize their health, both physical and mental. Exercise spaces, meditation rooms, and even nap pods are being incorporated into renovations. 

Vomela's capabilities allow us to create different vibes for different spaces. You can incorporate vibrant colors and typography in your exercise space, for example, and design a soothing space for meditation or rest. Our experts can ensure each space has its own mood while keeping the overall office decor cohesive.

3. Inspiring Company Pride and Encouraging Teamwork

One aspect of remote work that doesn't deliver results? Substandard capabilities for teamwork. With more people coming into the office regularly, employers are focusing on building better spaces for collaborative work. New, hybrid office layouts include comfortable breakout areas and multi-use spaces. Throughout common areas—whether kitchens, lounges, or meeting rooms—we've installed inspiring graphics to boost morale and company pride. 

From company timelines to bright murals, anything custom to your business will instill pride in your employees. We also produce dimensional signage, which is perfect for displaying your company branding front and center.

4. Providing Private Work Spaces

Ironically, workplaces are also shifting away from open floorplans. With a global pandemic in the not-so-far past, people are appreciative of having their own space to work. Breathing your own air and not hearing someone else's every spoken word are top priorities in 2024.

Believe it or not, Vomela can help with this trend too! For some clients, we've installed faux walls to partition large spaces while also incorporating some of the design ideas listed above. If you can imagine it, we can create it! (And if you need help imagining it, our experts are ready to brainstorm with you.)

5. Making Sustainable Choices

Throughout all these updates, companies are more concerned than ever with making environmentally friendly choices. Selection of materials, production processes, and the ability to recycle unused or old items are top priorities.

Vomela's commitment to sustainability resonates throughout all our production processes. Our certifications demonstrate this commitment, and our sustainable initiatives and projects reflect how important our ESG work is as a supply chain partner.


Ready to Transform Your Space?

When you're on track to make changes to your office decor, layout, and vibe, contact Vomela!! We're your partner for custom design, printing, production, and installation. Let's get started!

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