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COVID-19: Using Downtime to Create New Experiences

If there’s any theme in the COVID-19 crisis so far, it’s adaptation. People around the globe have been forced to embrace a completely new day-to-day life, and it hasn’t been without its struggles. However, many have found comfort in the silver linings of these unique times.

For months, we’ve been focusing on supporting the fight against the virus. At The Vomela Companies, our goal became meeting the needs of essential workers on the front lines. We did that by adapting our production capabilities to manufacture protective face shields, sneeze guards, social distancing guides, and other critical materials.

As we move into the next phase of support, we begin to look to the future. For businesses experiencing downtime, how can we most effectively help them take advantage of this period to prepare for re-opening? How can we prioritize the safety of those returning to work? What will work look like in the new normal?

A New Look in the New Normal

Many businesses are using recent downtime as an opportunity to create an entirely new experience for their employees and their customers. By using this time to reconsider their spaces, forward thinking companies are positioning themselves to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever.

While full reconstruction may not be top of mind for businesses impacted by the downturn, there are some great ways to refresh existing surfaces that are easy on the eyes and the budget. Architectural films are a perfect alternative to full or partial remodel traditionally expensive materials like wood, metal, and leather.

As a longtime 3M partner, The Vomela Companies can offer a full range of customizable architectural films that can transform any surface, whether it’s a sleek private office space or a high-traffic retail entryway. These durable and cleanable materials allow us to create entirely new experiences using existing layouts and construction. The result is a modern look at a reasonable cost with little to no additional downtime for your business.

More great uses for architectural films:

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May 26, 2020 |

Topics: Retail, healthcare, education, general printing

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