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Creating a Positive Experience for Young Patients in Healthcare

Visiting the hospital or clinic can be a scary experience for anyone, and especially so for kids. There are a lot of unfamiliar experiences in healthcare environments, and the (necessarily) sterile environment is a big factor. It's up to the hospital or clinic to provide a welcoming, safe environment for children. Print graphics can help in a big way. 

You can add engaging elements that take children from the parking lot to the exam table with less stress and more fun. At The Vomela Companies, we have plenty of experience working on graphics for healthcare facilities, and we can help. 

Kid-Friendly Messaging

At any healthcare facility, it’s important to stay on-brand so that your patients recognize who you are and grow comfortable with the level of care your brand provides. For children, however, things get more complicated. It’s okay to break the rules so that your young patients feel more comfortable. 

For example, at The Vomela Companies, we worked with a children’s hospital to wrap their MRI machines with fun graphics, making one of the more intimidating parts of their visit much more inviting. Your brand messaging is important – but the safety and security of your patients both young and old takes priority. Print graphics are an easy, low-stress way to provide that. 

Creative Print Graphics

The versatility of modern print graphics enables you to create a holistic experience, rather than one or two posters. You can put graphics on ambulances – one of the more intimidating elements of modern healthcare for kids – that make them less scary. Or you can create floor and wall graphics that include fun characters and create environments inside your facility. 

At Novant Health, they used print graphics to track rehabilitation progress using local sports teams, creating a fun and exciting way for patients of any age to progress in something that is often challenging and frustrating. An expert print partner can help you be creative and take your print graphics for children to the next level at your facility. 

See the Novant Case Study

Print Graphics for Healthcare in a Pandemic

Today's healthcare environment brings even more unique challenges to the foreground. For children, something like a pandemic creates even more stress and fear. After all, when the adults are frightened, kids are going to feel the same way. It’s more important than ever to leverage whatever techniques and innovations you can to make sure children at your facility feel safe. 

There are a few ways you can add more “fun” to your facility, even in difficult times. While face shields are vital, they can also be scary, especially for particularly young children. With a trusted print partner like Vomela, you can get face shields with fun imagery on them, like superheroes, to offer joy in daunting situations.

Check Out Our Custom Face Shields

If your healthcare facility is looking for creative ways to ease the minds of patients both young and old, The Vomela Companies are here to help. We’ve got experience with a wide variety of projects and campaigns, and we’re ready to meet your needs. Contact us today to partner with a print graphics team you can trust.

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Aug 25, 2020 |

Topics: healthcare, general printing

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