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Engagement Opportunities in Hospitals

Every space is an opportunity for engagement, and healthcare systems are particularly well-suited environments for transformation of every kind. The graphic you see here highlights some of the ways you can turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for patients and staff alike.

We talk a lot about the breadth of capabilities in our network, and these opportunities are the reason we take so much pride in our diversified specialties. When you’re working with a print partner, you want them thinking about your time and money every step of the way. When you choose a partner who can provide all of the services you need in one package, they’re saving you the hassle (and cost) of coordinating print graphics projects with multiple providers at the same time.

Consider this:

Who would you call to wrap an ambulance?

A transportation specialist.

Who can transform waiting room walls?

A décor expert.

Remind patients about their flu shot!

Direct mail shop.

Where can I do it all at once?

The Vomela Companies

At the Vomela Companies, our network of experts can cover all of that and more. On the client side, customers get to work with one point of contact who has a whole network of experts at the fingertips. On the production side, we can do it all in house to make sure the client is getting top quality at a reasonable price. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for everything print graphics.

Want to learn more?

See the Ultimate Guide to Print Buying




Nov 13, 2019 |

Topics: healthcare

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