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5 Ways You Can Use Direct Mail to Show Patient Appreciation

Patients are the lifeblood of any healthcare company. Improving and maintaining high patient satisfaction is an essential part of every healthcare organization's job, and anything you can do to prioritize patient safety will be well-received. 

With so many different ways to engage with patients, it can be hard to decide where to begin. That’s why, especially in a time where contactless communication is a priority, we recommend direct mail solutions for healthcare companies looking to  improving patient appreciation. Why? Because direct mail is familiar, accessible, affordable, and wholly customizable. Not to mention it's gaining in popularity with younger audiences.

To prove our point, we’ve listed some of our favorite examples of patient-focused direct mail in today’s post.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are a great direct mail option for healthcare facilities. They have a number of benefits: they engage patients directly, lower the number of no-shows, save time and resources on call centers, and help clients plan accordingly. This care shown for the patient is a less direct way of showing and cultivating appreciation. Frequently, when an appointment reminder is sent in the mail, it’s attached to a client’s refrigerator to help them remember. That keeps your facility top of mind as both a resource and a reminder.

Welcome Packages

Nothing shows a new patient that you care about them more than a welcome package. A direct mail package that includes multiple pieces of media that show your appreciation, offer important info, and connect patients with important resources is both memorable and useful. The right printing company will be able to work with you to create the perfect package for your patient’s needs, too.

Event Invitations

What shows your patient community that you appreciate them more than an invitation to an exclusive event? Even during the times of social distancing and quarantine, you can still use direct mail to invite patient partners to digital events. Marketing efforts tend to be more successful when they’re multi-level and engage in multiple ways, after all.

Community Outreach

The best way to show appreciation is to take time to think about the unique needs and wants of the person or people you’re reaching out to. You know your patients better than anyone else. What do they want? What do they need? What are their unique pain points and how can you help address those pain points? The answers you find when you ask yourself these questions can easily be addressed in a postcard or other piece of direct mail.

No matter what you want to send, if you're looking to reach out to your patients in a brand new way, The Vomela Companies can help you accomplish your goals. Get in touch with us today to talk about our custom design and printing services.

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Dec 01, 2020 |

Topics: Commercial Print, direct mail, healthcare

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