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Every Day is Earth Day

Each year people recognize Earth Day as a recommitment to their sustainable activities. For many public facing companies, that might be a step into ESG which stands for environmental, social and governance goals.

At the Vomela Companies, we view ESG as a unifying framework – one that unifies our efforts around our corporate purpose, our values, our culture, and our community impact. As a supply chain partner to many public brands, we align with UN SDG goals, we innovate solutions that align with their reporting and regulatory challenges, and we invest in the communities around us – doing well by doing good.


SUSTAINABILITY: Like many organizations, Vomela focuses on reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with our large rooftop solar array and reduction of water usage, along with sending less trash to the landfills through recycling more paper, plastic, and cardboard.

PARTNERSHIPS: Extending our commitment to green, we have joined two strategic partners, Green Sports Alliance, and Sustainable Brands to help further corporate sustainability practices for teams, leagues, venues, sponsors, and other aligned corporate partners.

PHILANTHROPIC: Much less talked about is Vomela’s philanthropic work through our affiliations with organizations like Merrick Community Services and the Sanneh Foundation. Both organizations are based in the neighborhood of our headquarters, the lower East Side of St Paul.

Sanneh foundation collab with 3M 2

Merrick Community Services stands as one of the oldest nonprofit agencies in Ramsey County, with a history of assisting individuals and families transition from poverty to stability or self-sufficiency. For many years, our employees have helped with time and talent, whether staffing food drives or other volunteer work.

Sanneh Foundation, founded by professional soccer player Tony Sanneh (a St Paul native), aims to reach low-income and immigrant youth populations supporting them through education, wellness programs and community building connections. Recently Vomela collaborated with 3M and held a workshop event to teach local urban youth how to apply vehicle graphics – a highly sought-after trade.

While we work with rigor around our ESG goals daily, our journey, it seems is just beginning. Sometimes the first step of any journey is best shared with others. We are happy to share the path we have chosen and help ideate with others. We believe the ‘next economy’ require us to engage with others who see social and environmental challenges as an essential driver of brand innovation, valued creation, and positive impact.

Won’t you join us this Earth Day, and every day?

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