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A Guide to Branding Your Physical Office Space

Vomela Commercial Group's Northern Virginia location is moving to a new space this summer. Plans are underway to build out the new space and move our massive equipment, but one of the more fun activities is deciding how we're going to decorate! We want to share some of the aspects of branding a physical space that we've been considering, and solutions for creating a cohesive look.

What is Branding?

In this case, branding your physical space means incorporating your overall company identity and personality into elements of the space. Whether you're in a high-rise office or an open loft space, it should reflect your company's values and incorporate existing visual brand elements.

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Why Should We Brand Our Office?

A company's brand shouldn't just be pretty; it should convey its reigning principles and show what's important to the company. This isn't just important to potential new hires, either. Your existing employees should have a work environment that shows the company cares about their daily experience. A branded office space also shows any visiting clients and prospects that the company has pride in its brand and stands behind it.


How Do We Brand Our Physical Space?

The first thing to consider is—you guessed it—the company's culture. Every company is different, and branding the space should be custom to your company. If you're working with a design team, they should require a discovery period where they get to know the company, its values, and its people before developing concepts.


How Do You Use Graphics and Artwork?

How do you envision your space? Will you have common spaces like a break room, spaces for meetings, and the entrance area as branding opportunities? Think about how to add graphic elements to all parts of your office. Picture a branded privacy film on glass for your conference rooms and wall decals to give each room an individual atmosphere. You can even use wall graphics or printed canvas to show off your work throughout the office.

Don’t forget your company logo in the entry area, as this still remains the visual point of recognition for your company. Accent the company logo with branded floor graphics or banner stands that instill company pride or other branding messages.  

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What Message Do You Want To Convey?

Beyond your logo, think about what feelings and thoughts you want to give to those walking into your office. We can help you design and print graphics within your office space, from walls to floors to hanging signage. Designing and decorating your space to convey your brand and message visually can be as imaginative and creative as you want. We can print on just about any surface, so the sky is the limit.

We'll keep you posted on our office developments and share photos once it's complete! While you wait, check out the gallery to some office inspiration. 


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