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How to Tell Your Brand Story Through Window Design

As trends change and new activation methods are developed, window displays remain an essential marketing tool for all retailers. While other modern marketing techniques, such as direct mail, eblasts, and ads, give shoppers a glimpse into what a brand has to offer, window displays take it a step further by telling an immediate story though materials, light, sound, and movement. Here are our tips for delivering that story successfully, time and time again.

Start with a Theme

When you think of the most memorable window displays you have seen, what comes to mind? 

iladro-new york midtown-00191If you are like many of us, holiday displays may be the first thing you think of. There is a reason for that: strongly executed holiday window displays start with a theme and use it to create and elevate a mood.

This concept is not unique to the winter holiday months, but instead is an example of the impact a theme can have on a shopper’s emotions towards your brand. Use your window display theme to help share your brand personality, telling more and more of your story through themes throughout the year.

Choosing your window display theme is one of the most important decisions brick-and-motor retailers need to make. Our advice? Think of your window display as the cover of your store’s book. No matter how many times we are told not to judge a book by its cover, our instincts say otherwise. There is a reason book covers are increasingly becoming works of art – as consumers, we want to be drawn in!

Use this same principle for your window displays. Your display is an opportunity to tell a story that ties the outside world to the inside of your store. Whether you have a new promotion, a new line of products, or are celebrating old holiday traditions in a new way, use your window design to give onlookers a glimpse into a story they want to learn more about.


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Framing Techniques

Once you have your theme selected, you are ready to begin telling your story. As with most art forms, window displays should use framing techniques to help draw shoppers’ eyes to a specific focal point. Following composition techniques like the rule of thirds, light and shadow play, color, contrast, and layering, your focal point will become the spot of initial interest, setting the scene for the rest of your display.

The accompanying display pieces should help elevate your focal point and the theme you have selected. Whether you choose to fill the rest of the space with complementing products, props, mannequins, or creative use of light, be sure to use at least three colors, experiment with height, and highlight products that reflect the current needs of shoppers.


Use of Materials

Once you have your theme and layout defined, execution becomes your final challenge. Selecting the right lighting, color, and materials are the secret54515151_2159333654112373_2140194882340257792_n formula to enhancing your story and highlighting your products in the best way possible. Your framing techniques will help you identify where to focus light and pops of color. The areas you highlight are the areas you want people to see first – the first sign that your store has something to share.

Materials may be one of the final elements you select, but they pay a crucial role in tying all other elements together. Be sure to use a variety or substrates to create texture throughout your display. Your material choice will determine how light and color are reflected back to the viewer. Depending on your frame, you may want certain areas of your window to sparkle and let light seep through. Other parts of your display might use light blocking materials. These decisions will help guide the shopper’s eye back to the focal points.


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Sep 29, 2021 |

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