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How to Transform Large Spaces for Recurring Events

Whether it’s a stadium, convention center, outdoor venue, or beyond, big events call for a certain “wow” factor. Organizers often turn to printed graphics to transform large spaces into completely new experiences for attendees.

Many of these occasions occur annually, or even more often. Considering the amount of preparation and organization that goes into these events, it can be overwhelming for organizers to start from scratch on a complete package of event graphics every time. That’s where an experienced print partner comes in.

Here are a few ways to create eye-catching experiences that can continue to evolve from year to year.

Invest in Reusable

Disposable print graphics can be cost-effective in the short term, but for events that occur more than once, there are more efficient ways to transform event spaces. Reusable products are a great way to extend a budget across many different iterations of the same event.


Hardware is one great way to invest in reusable materials. The annual New York Marathon is a perfect example; when they sought out a new graphics program for their outdoor event, the organizers chose to invest in customized, heavy-duty aluminum frames that could be assembled on the spot and wrapped with pillowcase-style fabric prints. Each year after that initial event, they were able to reuse the aluminum framing while replacing the printed graphics with fresh new branding.

The same can be said for any sort of hardware or signage, whether it’s standing signs to tell people how to get around or event-specific banners that stay relevant from year to year.

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Focus on Quality

The last thing a big event needs is low-quality décor that detracts from the occasion. Be sure to work with a reputable partner who has been there and done that before. This goes for materials as well as personnel.

Work with a print partner that uses high-quality materials, an experienced installation team, and draws from a pool of even-specific knowledge. When the time comes to do it all again for the next event, you won’t need to start from square one with a new provider who knows what they’re doing.

Blend Temporary with Permanent

Depending on the nature of the event, finding a balance between buying brand new graphics and investing in reusable options is a great way to maintain that “wow” factor while creating a new and exciting experience each year.

Knock it out of the park with a few large, reusable elements while changing it up from event to event using smaller, more customizable graphics like banners, vinyl wall murals, printed collateral, and more.

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Nov 11, 2020 |

Topics: Events & Exhibits, arts & entertainment

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