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Improve Patient Engagement Through Education

While the primary focus of any healthcare facility is to care for patients, care must also be taken to provide other levels of value to the patient experience, specifically patient education. Print graphics are great way to provide both valuable and functional educational and branding messages to every aspect of your facility. 

While healthcare is much different than a retail store, many of the same methods can be utilized in both. Learn how to connect with patients who visit, and what a healthcare campaign looks like from start to finish.

Types of Healthcare Print Graphics

If you’re considering print graphics for the first time, vinyl wraps and wall murals may be the first examples that come to mind. However, physical and digital technologies can now work hand-in-hand, offering many different ways to go about an engaging, educational campaign. From promotional graphics that offer three-dimensional elements to direct, HIPAA-compliant mail sent to patients, there are many modern ways to engage with patients. 

For the healthcare industry, you can use graphics inside your facility to educate patients on proper protocol like hand washing and germ reduction, or on the various procedures you offer and how they can benefit them. It’s all dependent on what type of healthcare you offer your patients, and what kind of information they need in order to feel safe, cared for, and confident. 

Executing Your Healthcare Print Campaign

Before you get started, there are a lot of things to consider. Each project is unique, but there are fundamental elements that will go into all print programs. If you feel overwhelmed, you can start by downloading our free guide and toolkit. 

You’ll want to make certain decisions in advance so you can discuss them with your print partner. This includes your needs and goals when it comes to showcasing your services. But it also includes any materials you already have. For example, if you’re considering doing a mailing campaign about flu shots, your print partner is going to ask about assets like artwork, photography, and talking points. Once you’ve gathered all your materials, you’re ready to move forward.

Establish Expectations

Next, you’ll want to discuss your expectations and availability with your print partner. Unlike many other types of businesses, many healthcare facilities do not close for the day, which means less downtime for installation. If you’re doing a big initiative in your hospital, do you have ideas as to when and how your installation will happen? 

An experienced print provider is vital when it comes to planning and executing your print graphics strategy, especially if your facility is large, open 24/7, and requires extreme attention to detail. 

Be Aware of Timelines

A graphics project, even when done by a quality print partner, is extensive, with plenty of variables to consider. When it comes to the timeline of your project, we recommend not only establishing a timeline with your partner but also remembering there are no hard and fast rules. If you want your project done right, it can take some time. 

At the Vomela Companies, we recommend beginning the planning at least a quarter early, providing plenty of time for troubleshooting. Planning ahead also enables you to order products in bulk, and if you’re really looking to save time and expenses, you can plan an entire year’s worth of campaigns at once, saving on labor hours and shipping costs. 

Personalization is Key

With today’s advanced technology, personalization is absolutely crucial. This means direct mail that personally addresses the customer (while remaining HIPAA compliant), reminding them of upcoming appointments, seasons, and shots. If you’re not using personalization in direct mail campaigns, you’re falling behind. 

A Print Partner You Can Trust

The most important thing is to partner with a print provider you can trust to deliver high-quality campaigns with materials that are safe for your healthcare facility and your patients. At The Vomela Companies, we have the tools, knowledge, and capabilities to deliver on a project of any scale. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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Jun 16, 2020 |

Topics: healthcare

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