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floor graphics

Kid-Friendly Print Graphics for Schools

Every surface in a school is a learning opportunity. Whether it’s educational, informational, or just plain fun, schools can transform spaces to engage with their students in fun and productive ways. But as any teacher will tell you, kids can take a toll on their environments. Here are some unique ways to liven up your school that will stand the test of time.

Floor Graphics

Kids live pretty close to the ground, so why not use the space efficiently? In a school setting, floor graphics are a great way to help students with wayfinding and rule following. Colorful lines and arrows can remind them where to go and how to act while they get there. Playground graphics like hop scotch are an easy and colorful way to keep them engaged on the playground while making your schoolyard stand out.

floor graphics

Tabletop Graphics

There are all sorts of tabletop surfaces that can be customized based on the activities they’re being used for. Cafeteria tables can provide nutrition tips and fun facts during lunch. Desks can be covered with designs that are specific to any subject or age group. Common area tables can be covered in game boards or other activities that encourage interaction.

The substrates we use for table graphics are easy to clean, and specialized antimicrobial films can be applied to lower the spread of disease in classroom settings. They’re a great solution for kids and teachers alike.


Easy-Install Graphics

Reusable signage systems are an easy and cost-effective way of refreshing a school’s look on a regular basis. Permanent fixtures with temporary, easily exchangeable graphics allow anyone to install outdated or damaged graphics as often as necessary. They’re also great for seasonal changes to décor.

Wall Graphics-Education

Read more about easy-install systems.

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Feb 26, 2019 |

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