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Planning Ahead with Print Graphics in Education

With the 2020 school year still in planning phase, it’s hard to make lesson plans, much less decide what kind of decor you’ll want in your school spaces. Social distancing has created new hurdles and challenges for teachers and educators around the country. 

However, print graphics can be an important part of the school year. Even as children return to school, it will be crucial for them to follow new guidelines, and while the situation is still uncertain, it's never too early to begin planning ahead. 

Expect the Unexpected

We simply don’t know what the future looks like in the coming weeks, let alone the next few months. There are a few ways you can start to prepare for the country’s reopening when it comes to the print graphics in your school or classroom. 

You can start by developing rough outlines for what you’ll need to safely open your classrooms. It's a good idea to begin discussing options with your print provider early or get a good idea of what print buying entails. You can do the latter by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Print Buying, which discusses what you can expect. 

Comfort Your Kids

One of the ways The Vomela Companies have been trying to do our part during this pandemic is by creating face shields for both health care workers and everyday citizens looking to protect themselves and their families. 

Face shields in the classroom could be a great option, especially if there are still safety concerns at the volume they are now. However, face shields can be scary for kids. To help, Vomela has created face shields specifically branded for kids so it feels less scary and more fun.  

The Next Stage of Social Distancing

In a school, it’s difficult to remain six feet away from others, as the CDC recommends for proper social distancing. Once classes are back in session, it’ll be time to figure out what the next stage of this practice looks like. While you can tell students again and again how to properly take precautions, signage is a great way to remind them. 

Floor and wall signs that help direct and reinforce social distancing guidelines will help students stay safe as they adjust to a strange new environment without having to constantly monitor their every move. These kinds of signs are among many ways print graphics can help create a sense of safety within your educational facility.

Download the Back to School Graphics Guide

Get Started Early

As businesses and schools begin to reopen, everyone will start planning their next steps at virtually the same time. When it comes to your print buying needs, this means many people, businesses, and schools could be attempting to access the same resources simultaneously. 

While you don’t need to purchase graphics that you aren’t sure you’ll use, getting started early by contacting your print graphics provider is a great way to put yourself near the front of the line once it’s time to start production and installation. That way, your print provider will already have an understanding of your needs, goals, budget, and required materials. 

As you start to plan for this new normal, we are here for you. Contact The Vomela Companies when you’re ready to discuss the upcoming school year to talk about how we can meet your needs.

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Jul 14, 2020 |

Topics: education, covid-19

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