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The trade show industry predicts that travel, events and trade shows will begin to make a comeback in the second half of 2022. Here are two event spaces that showcase unique shapes and displays..

Trade Shows and Corporate Events Making a Comeback in 2022

Despite the latest COVID variant rearing its ugly head, the trade show industry predicts that business travel, events and trade shows will begin to make a strong comeback in the second half of 2022.

What will prompt trade show and event growth in 2022?

  • Deloitte predicts business travel will return to nearly pre-COVID levels during 2022. With it will come what experts are calling a resurgence of domestic conferences, events and tradeshows.
  • Business still thrives in hands-on, face-to-face environments. Trade shows and conferences create the ultimate opportunity for these in-person interactions with customers, prospects and partners.

COVID-19 will drive conference and event promoters to innovate

Even as exhibit spaces are made safer with initiatives like vaccination and testing requirements (and limits on the number of attendees), event planners are also responding to the pandemic in other ways:

  • Using aesthetically pleasing barriers, signage and dividers to promote social distancing
  • Relying on video in place of hands-on product demonstrations
  • Directing attendees to product information via QR codes instead of paper collateral and expanding other digital experiences

LumiSpa exhibit

The design of this LumiSpa exhibit draws attendees into the space while still allowing for social distancing.


Exhibitors will continue to look to eye-catching designs and graphics to attract visitors

As trade shows and events ramp up, innovative displays, bold graphics and compelling messages will be as critical as ever. Indeed, all the tried-and-true rules around designing effective displays remain in place. But we suggest that exhibitors also consider these innovative ideas for creating an interactive experience for attendees.

  • Video/selfie walls: encourage social sharing by giving booth visitors a place to interact with your brand while taking still or video selfies.
  • 3D hologram displays: attract trade show attendees to your exhibit with the help of three-dimensional animated projections that showcase seemingly real objects that appear to be floating in thin air!
  • Animated displays: enhance the visitor experience by making it interactive with augmented reality (AR), touch screens, etc.
  • Greenery walls: these structures made of living (or faux) plants add beauty and interest to any booth—and they can help express your company’s commitment to initiatives likes sustainability.
  • Multidimensional backdrops: get more from your booth with backdrops that pop! Draw attention to your space by using unexpected types of materials, shapes and lighting.
  • Statement pieces: you don't need your entire booth to draw attention. Sometimes, one oversized, statement piece (related to your brand, of course) is enough to draw people in.
  • Dynamic seating: give tradeshow goers a place to kick back and relax. Take this feature to the next level by offering charging stations that are sure to get prospects into your space.

Zagg exhibit

Zagg’s exhibit incorporates a clean, open design; video product information; and a pop-up store.


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