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Print Graphics for Construction Sites

It’s never too early to make a good impression in real estate, and that includes the construction phase of new development. Even before ground is broken, there’s work to be done to establish a brand identity. Construction sites are a great opportunity to create brand awareness around the intrigue of a new development. In practice, there are a variety of ways to accomplish this:

Fence Graphics

Mesh and vinyl fence graphics are a simple and attractive way to create branded experiences while hiding the mess that can occur from time to time on construction sites.  These large format banners can host information like contact information or future rental availability. The graphics can even be reused over the course of multiple construction sites.


Building Façades

Similarly, print graphics can be used to produce a temporary façade for buildings undergoing renovations or new construction. Many city ordinances require some sort of façade management depending on the type of real estate being developed. Printed graphics can be customized to match surroundings while including important branded elements.


Safety Signage

There are also safety implications involved with new real estate development. Printed graphics are common on construction sites of every sort. Depending on the rules and regulations involved with this type of signage, there are often opportunities to incorporate branded elements like fonts, colors, and logos into the safety materials.

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