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Creating Branded Experiences in Real Estate Spaces

Whether you’re building a new real estate development or you’ve been renting one for years, the importance of branding in these highly visible spaces is always top-of-mind. From large shopping centers to small company headquarters, there will be a lot of stakeholders in any new property development. Employees, customers, and local residents will be keen to learn more about what’s happening in their community.

Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your commercial real estate spaces.

Branded Real Estate

Every surface is an opportunity to improve the experience of your real estate spaces while enhancing brand awareness. From the parking lot to the break room, the possibilities are endless. Work with a print provider that can bring a wealth of experience to the table; they’ll be able to recommend unique décor ideas based on thousands of success stories.

Architectural surfaces are a great place to start, especially if you’re trying to introduce a “wow” factor to a commercial space. Using high-quality print materials and state-of-the-art installation processes, your print provider should be able to turn an ordinary lobby into an extraordinary first impression. The opportunities don’t stop there. Graphics can be applied to any surface, whether it’s doors, floors, windows, walls, or anything in between.


Another factor is the way employees and customers interact with the space. Effective wayfinding signage is an important aspect of user experience. People rarely notice when it’s easy to navigate a new space, but they’re sure to take notice if they have a frustrating experience. Wayfinding signage is a must-have in any real estate, and it’s a great opportunity to create a helpful, branded experience.


Key Considerations

Temporary or Permanent Décor?

Depending on the purpose and lifespan of the graphics, your print partner should know which materials work best for your application. Factors like print substrate, adhesive type, ink selection, and installation method are all an important part of making sure customers get the most out of their décor.

Interior or Exterior Applications?

There will obviously be a difference in the materials and methods chosen for indoor vs outdoor print graphics. However, there are additional considerations to make; what’s the climate like in your region? Are there extremes in head or cold? Will humidity, both indoor and outdoor, affect the type of materials chosen? Be sure to work with a print partner that has experience in all sorts of climates. Your budget will thank you.

Architectural Surfaces

Printed graphics don’t always need to be considered décor elements. They also work well as durable, repairable, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Consider the use of print graphics to improve or replace finishes like wood, metal, and tile. Work with a printer partner that can offer a range of these capabilities without out-sourcing them; a one-stop-shop will get the job done right on a more efficient budget and timeline.

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Feb 17, 2021 |

Topics: Commercial Real Estate

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