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Recruiting with Fleet Graphics

In a previous blog post, we covered the various benefits fleet graphics can have in engaging with potential customers. Between the low cost and quality impressions, fleet graphics are an effective and efficient way to improve brand visibility.

But a good brand does more than attract good customers; it also attracts good workers! As millennials continue to take over the workforce, they’re searching for jobs much differently than their predecessors. Whether it's fleet drivers, prospective college students, or corporate recruiting of any scope, fleet graphics represent a memorable, long-lasting recruitment tool that stands apart from a sea of digital job postings. Here are a few benefits of fleet graphics in recruiting:

It's Regional

If a potential employee spots a recruiting effort on one of your fleet vehicles, the odds are good that they’re in that area often. That means most impressions will live locally and have a connection to that community. These well-qualified impressions will, in theory, translate to more satisfied workers and higher retention rates.

It Represents Your Brand

There are a ton of different job listing sites, and they’re all unique. As an employer, it’s difficult to represent your entire brand in just a few lines of text. Recruiting with fleet wrap or smaller decals allows full control over the first impression potential workers are getting of your brand. Additionally, parking a fleet of branded vehicles in front of your location gives those local workers a better idea of where they would be working.

It Creates Incentive

Recruiting with fleet graphics creates an experience for applicants that encourages them to feel closer to your brand. Rather than just clicking “apply” on another job board, they’re going out of their way to acquire your contact information and follow up with it. This sets your company apart and makes the application process much more memorable while returning invested prospects.

It's Effortlessly Cool

When it comes to graphics on a fleet vehicle, the creative opportunities are endless. Use that space to engage with potential applicants and invite them to get a feel for your brand and your culture. The use of strong colors and a meaningful message grabs attention and creates excitement around working for a local company that is truly shaking things up!

recruit fleet 1.png

There’s no doubt that the Internet is the future of job seeking. However, in industries that rely on fleet vehicles, applying graphics to them is a unique and relatively low-cost recruiting tool that will appeal to a large but focused group of potential workers. How can we help with your recruiting efforts? As always, feel free to reach out!

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