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Returning to Work in the New Normal

As cities around the country begin to loosen restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home or furloughed employees will be returning to an entirely new culture when doors reopen. To ensure compliance to new standard procedures, many companies are turning to print graphics to help employees transition to a new normal around the workplace. Here are some creative ways to circulate helpful information while welcoming employees back to work.

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Exterior Graphics

Nothing says welcome back like, well, a sign that says "Welcome Back." Parking lot signage, feather banners, and monument clings are just a few ways to welcome people back on their drive in. When they get to the front doors, options like window clings, hanging banners, and even messaging on overhanging skyways can create a positive first impression back.

Interior Graphics

Once inside the building, the focus of signage shifts towards education. Ideally, you'll want to educate employees on new policies and practices with a few different types of simple, aesthetically pleasing messaging. Standalone signage can be placed strategically to host important new changes. Floor decals can encourage social distancing in highly-trafficked areas. Sneeze guards can keep reception and other high-interaction areas separated from contact. Sanitation practices can be encouraged in places like break rooms and restrooms. All of these opportunities can be customized to fit any space large or small.

Workspace Communication

Kick things off on a positive note with branded Welcome Back boxes full of all the essential safety precautions. Hand sanitizer, a face mask, sanitizing wipes, and even an antimicrobial desk mat can help keep workplaces clean while providing employees with the assurance that you care about their personal safety at work. Be sure to include an easy-reference document outlining all of the changes you've made around the workplace.

Face Shields

For employees who spend a lot of time face-to-face with customers or coworkers, you can make use of branded face shields to limit the spread of airborne disease. These lightweight pieces can be worn with goggles, glasses, or masks and are easily sanitized with a damp cloth or sanitary wipe. 

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May 05, 2020 |

Topics: News, Retail, healthcare, education, workplace

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