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Specialty and One-Off Graphics for Arts & Entertainment

To create a “wow” moment for visitors and spectators in a venue setting, it’s often necessary to do things in a way they’ve never been done before. For print graphics, that means using traditional materials to create non-traditional displays. Here are some tips for creating specialty and one-off print graphics:

Choosing the Right Materials

Specialty graphics can be a unique case when choosing materials. In general, printed signage looks and holds up better when it’s made of the highest quality materials. However, if a specialty graphic only needs to make it through a single event, there are opportunities to work with lower-cost materials (vinyl, corrugated plastic, etc.) with minimal effect on appearance. Set clear expectations for the appearance, durability, and timeline of the project with your print provider.

Choose Your Team

Even the most experienced event coordination team can benefit from working with a well-rounded print provider. When creating unique graphics for large-scale events, there’s rarely an instruction manual for the “right way” to do anything. An experienced print team will bring institutional knowledge to the table, including:

  • Project management processes in place for atypical situations
  • A full creative team specializing in design for print substrates
  • Effective person-to-person communication (points of contact)
  • Network of experts to tap into
Production Capabilities

Because most large printers have a large client base, capacity can become a factor. One-off jobs can get de-prioritized in high-capacity productions that rely solely on regular client work. In our case, The Vomela Companies is able to distribute work across a large network of print locations, each one specializing in different areas. In the case of a large event, we’d lean toward sending the job to our Fusion Imaging location, which focuses primarily on large-format event work.

For more information, or to get started on a specialty graphics project of your own, contact us or visit our website.

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